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Prints Word Document but not pdf??

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Prints Word Document but not pdf?? by LilyAsh (2/25/10 7:34 AM) reply + / -
I recently changed my computer's location. I merely plugged it on another wall in the same room. Since then, I'm unable to print any pdf files. Word files are working though. Each time I send for a pdf file print, the printer prints the 'HP LaserJet 2100/M/TN' page with the applications on it...either that or the printing command is simply erased. Frustrating enough.

I've never had this problem before so I'm clueless...

Can anyone help me with it. Changing my computer to its old location is my last resort...

Thank you

Re: Prints Word Document but not pdf?? by MichaelTech (2/25/10 1:54 PM) reply + / -
This sounds odd, but could be a driver issue. Do you have Postscript driver? Or just PCL? Need PS for PDF's

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