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Wrong Margins on a Printed Document

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Wrong Margins on a Printed Document by Lauren49549 (12/27/09 5:29 AM) reply + / -

I have a Canon Pixma MP550. When I try to print a Word A4 format document (margins: top/bottom - 2cm, left - 2,5cm, right - 1,5cm), the margins are wrong on the printed document. Seems like the left one is truncated a bit and the right one is a bit too large. Also, the side margins are not parallel to the edges of the sheet - the white space between the text and the edge of the sheet is narrower at the top and gets wider at the bottom. I tried the print head alignment option - didn't solve the problem. The print head alignment sheet is printed incorrectly too (not parallel to the edges). Paper feeding seems fine. How can I solve this problem?

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