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HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE

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HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by Anonymous (11/10/09 8:14 AM) reply + / -
When I turn on my HP CLJ 3600n it start works as ussual but then it'll doing calibration forever.
Any help will appreciated.



Re: HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by Stephen (11/10/09 3:57 PM) reply + / -
Have you tried a cold reset?

Re: HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by Anonymous (11/10/09 5:07 PM) reply + / -
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I tried Cold Reset and swapped ETB w/out luck.

Re: HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by AngryatQuality (edited 11/24/09 11:26 AM) reply + / -
Not sure if it will fix everyone's, but...

I just had a 3600 which was stuck in calibration.

1st I tried cold reset, nvram init, different transfer belt, none of that worked.

I turned the machine off and back on and waited until it displayed calibrating. Waited for about 20-30 more seconds. You can hear, what I guess, are the individual toner click in. Soon after hearing those noises, I opened the front door where you load the toners. I could see the calibration stripes/squares/lines of toner on the belt. I noticed the cyan splotches were light on one side. I replaced the cyan toner and rebooted the printer. It went through the process and works.

I'm guessing the calibration process puts lines/squares/stripes of each toner on the belt, the belt has sensors which read those markings, and then the machine regulates the density and maybe alignment of the toner. I'm guessing if one side is too light to read, yet the other side is okay, it confuses the system and gets stuck in calibration.

Re: HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by chris (3/23/10 10:59 AM) reply + / -
working on one of these now, on a LJ 3600N. all toners are HP brand, and almost full/new. stuck in calibration mode.

will be on the job site, will pull each toner out and install 1 by 1 as the machine asks for it, to see if that helps this issue.

not sure of firmware, but will update it if that's feasible. probably not a temp issue, as we're in florida.

any other thoughts?

Re: HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by dmzcompute (3/23/10 6:11 PM) reply + / -
Do what the poster above told us. I had one like it with the yellow toner having an issue. It was an original hp toner and was not working so just because you have all new toners does not mean one of them may be bad.

Re: HP LASERJET 3600 calibration ISSUE by mkrauss (1/19/11 2:13 PM) reply + / -
I created a fix for this and everything seems to be working perfectly now. I put the fix on my blog since my post is kind of long and I included pictures

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