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canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked

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canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by doucare (edited 9/14/09 2:59 PM) reply + / -
power up gives 6A80 error code.
LED 12 cycles.

it was stuck with error code 5000 during deep cleaning, and then after power off/on, it gives 6A80 code.

the head won't move at all. even after power off, i can't slide it at all.

it looks like there is a locking mechanism that got stuck on the head block.

is there a way to unlock the locking mechanism using factory or service mode?

i read some threads about purge pads being stuck. but i can't really see it with the printer head parked all the way to the right.

do i have to open the printer to solve the issue? it looks like a heck of a work to disassemble it.

if disassemble is the only way, disassemble guide will be of great help.

any help will be appreciated.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by tanstafl (11/18/09 3:39 PM) reply + / -
I'm having the same issue. Were you able to resolve?

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by invitro59 (3/4/10 7:15 AM) reply + / -
Same here, head stuck on the right with 6a80 error, and I am used to disassemble these things but this one is really a headache.

any help would be usefull

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by PC CLARK (3/10/10 2:17 PM) reply + / -
Have the same problem - won't budge! I've worked on printers for an office machine shop for a few years but never found one this hard to take apart. And we serviced Canon's too.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by invitro59 (3/10/10 10:48 PM) reply + / -

I finally manage to disasemble that thing, too many clips, not enough screws. It is time to make understand to manufacturer that the time of throwing everything is terminated. Now they need to manufacture product that are repairable for a fair price.

Took me one hour to take it apart, broke 2 clips (only inside the cosmetic stuff) and just rebuild the printer but left the cosmetics out(left side and right site)takes too much time for next problem.

Now it is working fine, it looks for me that something wrong came up at the time the head came back in place, once everything was apart I was able to pull the head away, cleaned up everythinks (ink pads etc...) and rebuild it. Then prayed that it started and work, as it is not possible to test the printer without rebuilding it, top and side cable are too short from scanner and panel commands to test not in place.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Lindy6dw (4/13/10 1:09 PM) reply + / -

The only problem I have (at the moment) is I can't clear the 6A80 error. Does that error mean the "head is locked"? I can't get that far, any help would be appreciated Thanks, Wendy

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Anonymous (4/13/10 2:52 PM) reply + / -

as what I can recall when pulling mine apart there is a little piece that blocks the head or does not come back in place on the back right of the head and it is not possible to see it without pulling that printer apart, and it is not an easy task (and it was not my first, I am pulling my printers apart for 20 years now).

It is worth to take it apart to understand what happened and make a good cleaning of all part, did a complete cleaning and new grease applied of the slide bar of the head, cleaned the pads, tha heads etc...

Now we do not have any problems anymore

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by arash (8/13/10 12:23 PM) reply-1 + / -
hello dear me to solve 6a80 error on my printer.thank you .

6A80: unlock the head with a stripe of foil by leonix (10/23/10 6:51 AM) reply + / -
I was able to unlock the print head - just with a small piece of foil.
Cut a 3-5cm wide stripe from a sheet of overhead-foil (90um thickness), move it below the print head, and move it to the front and upwards, to the back and upwards. Remove the foil. After switching the printer on - it will work as before and be able to move the head. No need to disassemble the whole MX700!


Re: canon PIXMA IP4700 by Mushingi Dumbu (11/15/10 1:12 AM) reply + / -
Good morning
I have a canon ip 4700, when i switch it on it makes some noise thus for something moving inside, then immediately flashes power on(green) paper feed(amber) in sequence i tried to move the print head its moving, then i tried to perform the reset the problem still persists, checked for anything that may be blocking the paper there is nothing that left me with no other operation to think of and when i send a print job it gives error 6A80.

Thats it

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by kieferted (12/22/10 1:20 AM) reply + / -
yeah same problem here, but i think it was caused by a paper jam -- i thought i'd managed to get the bits of paper out but seemingly not. i fixed it by simply opening the cover and pushing the print head with slight force to the right and carefully feeling under it to find a remaining bit of paper. i removed this and now it seems to be working fine. if you're error was caused by a paper jam maybe this is worth a try?!


Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by timanderson (3/27/11 3:04 PM) reply + / -
I had this error. I fixed it by taking the machine apart. I have tried to explain the steps but be warned it is not that easy!


Re: Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked - easy by kimchi (4/3/11 6:43 PM) reply + / -
I know mine was caused by a paper jam. It resulted in a 6A80 error. I went through everyone's routines about disassembly and holding the reset & power button and then took a simpler approach. I feed a piece of paper through the back and manually turned the white roller until the paper was 3/4 through. I the turned the printer on and presto, the printer took the paper and spit it out in normal fashion and the code went away and I am off an running again!

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Da45 (8/2/11 7:46 AM) reply + / -
I was able to solve this problem by pressing on something under the printhead (which was on the right of the printer) with a toothpick.

I think I pressed/ slightly moved a white piece of plastic, which I guess was the sensor.

After this, the printer worked fine!

Re: 6A80: unlock the head with a stripe of foil by loon (8/7/11 2:27 PM) reply + / -
Thanks Leo, your solution totally worked for me. I slipped a thin and narrow piece of metal under the print head. The metal worked the print head loose with very little effort. Thanks for the simple fix. I wasn't about to spend my Sunday afternoon taking apart a printer.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Tzoma (9/12/11 7:48 AM) reply+1 + / -
Same problem - 6A80 error on the screen, printhead stuck to the left, but moveable by hand .

Solution to my problem -
(1) Turn the printer off.

(2) On the right at the end of the printer path is a white, square piece of plastic with 2 small pieces of colorless plastic sticking upright (on the back side you should see a spring attached to the plastic piece). Gently place your finger on that plastic plate and try to slide it to the front of the printer until it dissapears from your sight (you should hear a click).

(3) On the left side (where the printerhead is stuck), grab the printer head and slide it to the middle. Leave it there.

(4) Press the power button

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Ryan007 (9/28/11 8:17 AM) reply+1 + / -
Tzoma's worked for my canon ip3600


Re: canon MX700 blank output by endoftheage (edited 10/20/11 4:17 PM) reply-1 + / -
Twenty minutes after successfully printing a color photo the next print came through blank. The machine made all the appropriate noises and the print head went back and forth but no ink was deposited on the paper. I attempted to make a copy and the output was blank also. What could be the cause of this? All four ink tanks couldn't suddenly dry up could they? Visual inspection shows them to have plenty of ink.
Also the fax does not work but I don't use it enough to care.
And the "in/use" memory light blinks constantly. All attempts to reset it have failed.
The printer has been disassembled and inspected but I don't really know what to look for.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by cherijoy (1/5/12 8:10 AM) reply + / -
Tozma, you are awesome! I've been struggling for the past hour trying to fix this. This is the fourth fix/help site I've checked, and yours is the solution that worked. I have a Canon MX860. The colorless plastic part you refer to is white on mine. Thanks a bunch.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by NoNoNo (3/11/12 12:11 PM) reply + / -
leonix you are great! I had a locked print head that was stuck on the right side - I was about to toss the entire printer. Following your advice, I cut a stiff piece of plastic from a fruit container - about inch wide by four inches long. I slid it under the print head and moved it forward and then to the back a few times. I powered it up and everything works!

Everybody try this first since it is so simple!

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by simjac (4/20/12 10:27 AM) reply + / -
Thank you for four advice, leonix!
after desperately trying to move the printer head I tried the thing with the foil. It didn't work out right away but finally I managed to solve the problem, printer is working again.
I think it is important to mention that the piece of foil has to be long enough to reach the very end!!! Mine was a little bit too short at first so I only got inky fingers but couldn't fix my Canon. With a very long piece it worked right away.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by johnmmmm (11/19/12 2:43 PM) reply + / -
Leonix. Well blow me over with a feather. It worked. Top man cheers

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error by Jenny223 (12/27/12 11:54 AM) reply + / -
I have gotten the error message 6A80 for a while on my Pixma MX870. The print head was not stuck, but it made a clicking sound, and then I got the error message at start-up. I tried the on/off cycle, and it didn't work. So I tried the piece of plastic under the print head. I took an old smooth plastic store card, and slid it under the print head. Then I slid the print head to the left across it. I wiggled the plastic to the right as far as it would go and to the front and back as far as it would go. It's a little messy-then took the plastic out. Print head now moves without clicking-and no error message. I did have to do a head cleaning, because of so long without using.
Glad that I didn't have to replace this printer--I really like it!
Thanks for the suggestions online!

Re: canon IP4700 6A80 error, head locked by makika (1/6/13 5:03 AM) reply + / -
Wow It worked. Canon told me that the 12times flickering wasnt a good sign. Even the inktank led didnt burn anymore. They said the printer was really broke. I could send it in for research but it was a high price to solve .... IF they could solve th eman said.
I googled this morning and came to this site ! Wowww it work with a piece of Photopaper 3 cm wide and 20cm long. Moved it from left to right and YESSSSS my printer is working again. Thanks for the brilliant advice !!!!

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by supergoodyears (1/17/13 12:51 PM) reply + / -
Solution video

Youtube Canon Pixma Error A680

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Vinman321 (1/26/13 12:22 PM) reply-1 + / -
I just thew mine in the garbage! F them! Not ever buying a Canon again! It's stuck all the way to the right and can not move it! Don't have time to screw with this, just bought a HP for about $100 cheaper than this printer! CANON! Bye!
Very unhappy!

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by Da45 (1/26/13 2:38 PM) reply + / -
The printer might be cheaper but the ink probably isn't.

Fixing it takes 2 seconds, so you just wasted your own money. If it's stuck, than unstick it, there's always a way: that is what this forum is for.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by clientriddle (3/18/13 2:31 PM) reply + / -
i cut a hole in the plastic above print head forced it to the left with a pop sound.revealing a thin plastic tab very soiled,as i cleaned it,it started moving to and fro.
now works fine

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by brohyde (3/25/13 11:52 AM) reply + / -
x20 q-tips and some cleaning solution to go with Tozma's solution and I'm printing away on my Canon mx870. Looks like the head cleaner/wipe assembly had dried goey ink on it. (all the way to the right of head and toward the back). It moves freely now. Thanks to Tozma's idea.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by trfig (4/17/13 2:32 PM) reply + / -
I have a MX700. I can manually move the head but the error will not stop. Tried the on/off, ok, black, and stop/reset bottom hold thing several times it did nit work.

Cleaned the inside as best I could, still nothing.

Can any one help?

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by markphoenix (6/18/13 7:29 PM) reply + / -
NO PROBLEM! when I realized I would have to fix it or buy a new printer, I didn't care if I broke it for good in the process.
SOLUTION: I took a paring knife and slid it under the front (facing forward) part of the printer head (as far as I could go) and moved it underneath all the way to the back of the printer head and out. I turned the printer back on and YIPPEE! Error message gone.

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by jean1 (12/15/13 7:43 AM) reply + / -
I've tried all of the above and still nothing. Has anyone tried something else?

Re: Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by angsoka (12/16/13 11:42 AM) reply + / -
I use this and it solves my problem

Canon pixma MP640 Video Error6A80

Re: canon MX700 6A80 error, head locked by lexilynn7788 (12/8/14 9:10 AM) reply + / -
Thanks for the tip, leonix!

It got our printer back up and working. We had to use a paper clip instead of foil because we didn't have any around, but it did the trick.

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