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HP M2727nf 49 errors while sending fax

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HP M2727nf 49 errors while sending fax by AngryatQuality (8/28/09 8:40 AM) reply + / -
Since I get so much help from these forums, thanks to whomever it may concern, from time to time I try to give back some solutions.

If you have a M2727NF and you are getting strange 49 errors when sending faxes here is what I ran into.

First, HP recommends performing a factory reset. Go to Setup, then to Service, then to restore defaults. This did not work for me.

2nd you can try to update the firmware as HP recommends, although I don't recommend it unless you are prepared to change some hardware. While this did not solve the problem on this occasion, it might help others. It actually made the problems worse on the printer I was dealing with. After updating the firmware, the machine was failing to copy, print, it would reboot itself while just sitting there. All new symptoms that appeared after updating the firmware. So update with caution if the end user still wants to use the machine, minus sending faxes, while you wait for parts.

3rd change out fax board CC502-60001. While this still did not solve the problems on this machine, it is the 2nd troubleshooting step HP recommends and I think it is worth a try.

4th change the formatter board CC370-60001. This did solve the problems with the the machine I was dealing with.

If it's a warranty repair, I'd claim both parts on one service ticket. That way if the fax module does not work you already have the formatter board to put in.

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