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Epson LX-300+ ''please insert paper'' error

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Epson LX-300+ ''please insert paper'' error by titingrenelle (7/15/09 10:47 PM) reply + / -
Hi to all. I'm an IT personnel. We have an Epson LX-300+. When I installed it in a Windows 98 system, an error always pop-up saying "please insert paper". When I click OK the printer will then starts to print. The same error occurs everytime the user prints so it gets too annoying and very inconvenient for the user. I already have uninstalled and reinstall its driver. I even download it's driver from Epson. But the error is still there. I try to install the printer to a Windows XP system and it's OK. There's no "please insert paper" problem. I think it's because of the status monitor, i'm not sure but i think it's the culprit. Windows XP has build in driver for this printer and it has no build in status monitor just purely driver. But in Windows 98, we have to install it's driver because it's not supported and Epson Status monitor is also installed when installing it's driver. Can anyone help me how to fix this problem.....? Please....

Re: Epson LX-300+ ''please insert paper'' error by titingrenelle (7/15/09 10:58 PM) reply + / -
By the way, i even have tried installing the printer to a newly formatted windows 98 PC. But still the same error occurs. Try to use the Epson "LX-300" driver and it work the error disappear but I still have to use the "LX-300+" driver.....! Please help....

Re: Epson LX-300+ ''please insert paper'' error by Anonymous (7/16/09 12:00 AM) reply + / -
could it be a wrong paper source problem with the lx-300+ driver? the fact that you click ok and it prints indicate as such.

Re: Epson LX-300+ ''please insert paper'' error by titingrenelle (7/16/09 1:26 AM) reply + / -
Wow, thank you very much for that help. It really solves the "insert paper" error. Heheh, I have done a lot of things just to solve this issue but I really haven't try this first. Anyway, thank you so much! May God Bless You.

Re: Epson LX-300+ ''please insert paper'' error by Anonymous (7/29/09 4:19 AM) reply + / -
how to insert the paper in side the printer

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