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HP DesignJet 130 nr (Wrench Symbol)

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HP DesignJet 130 nr (Wrench Symbol) by georgeb (2/27/09 5:58 AM) reply + / -

Does anybody know what the Wrench Symbol means on the DesignJet 130? This is being displayed on the control panel. I've tried searching the Internet & HP's site for the manual but it just has a long list of articles about how to configure different things for the printer. Thanks for your help with either the meaning of the wrench symbol and/or help getting the manual.

Re: HP DesignJet 130 nr (Wrench Symbol) by Stephen Thompson (2/27/09 6:59 AM) reply + / -
It might be indicating an error, or the machine might be in Maintenance Mode.

Is the machine working?

Re: HP DesignJet 130 nr (Wrench Symbol) by georgeb (2/27/09 7:18 AM) reply + / -
Thanks. It started working after I unplugged it from power for a few minutes and powered it back up. I'm not familiar with maintenance mode. I just wish I had access to the manual. Can't find it online.

Re: HP DesignJet 130 nr (Wrench Symbol) by Stephen (2/27/09 5:35 PM) reply + / -
The user manual would have been on a CD that came with the machine.

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