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Canon IP5200R reset codes?

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Canon IP5200R reset codes? by SjoerdR (1/22/09 11:08 AM) reply + / -
I have a problem with the reset of the printer. Afther a stop in the middle of the extra cleaning (the PGI-5 black was empty), I'll turned off the printer. Next day I bought a new one and replaced the cartridge. But afther that, there were none burning lights on the cartidges, the printhead stayed in the middle of the bar and the green and orange lights are flashing in equal turns of one. Afther 12 flashes green and orange, the green flash stayed 2 seconds and afther that the cycle of 12 times starts again.

Could someone tell me what the error is and how I can reset the printer. The cartridges are full or half full.

(By the way I have a IP5200R, but I'll think it is not a wirelles problem).

kind regards,


Re: Canon IP5200R reset codes? by Langustern (3/22/13 4:03 AM) reply + / -
Mi brain is about to explode........11 alternating blinks green/orange What dose this mean....
I canīt get any contact with the printer........Cant install it again in windows 7 environment.....Iīv tried sev eral times with drivers and networks pgm from Canons support place.......
Is the printer all gone and ready for the trashbox.....??

Hardware reseet opn the printer except the pushforward bottom??

Someone how might know a bit
Regards Tomas

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