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Epson RX560 Waste Ink Pad needs reset

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Epson RX560 Waste Ink Pad needs reset by Alan-n-s (1/18/09 6:16 PM) reply + / -
Hi my printer has just stop working all together now with lights flashing and saying waste ink pad in the printer is there some way i can reset this without contacting epson or having to buy a new printer.Thank you

Re: Epson RX560 Waste Ink Pad needs reset by websnail (1/22/09 3:32 PM) reply + / -
Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's any utilities currently available for this model.

If you're in the North America you CAN use this link:

... to submit a request with your printer serial number to get the reset utility from Epson direct. However it probably has implications for your warranty and it is ONLY available to folks with a North American printer. Printer owners in the UK don't get the same service (Epson here don't want to know!).

Hope that helps...

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