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HP Officejet 7310

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HP Officejet 7310 by kbratt (1/2/09 3:21 PM) reply + / -
My All in One Officejet HP 7310 has a serious alignment problem. We have used only brand new HP cartridges but have blobs (pardon the technical term) of ink under where the ink cartridges go. We have shadowing on the printed page and the printing itself appears to have jumped or stuttered. We tried HP support but were disconnected after an hour of tech support. Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: HP Officejet 7310 by sasmus1577 (4/1/09 7:22 PM) reply + / -
I have the same problem with my 7310

Re: HP Officejet 7310 by moe (4/1/09 8:30 PM) reply + / -
Take a paper towel moistened with window cleaner and wipe it on both sides along the transparent plastic strip that runs through the cartridge holder. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DISCONNECT IT FROM THE HOOKS ON EACH END.

Re: Re: HP Officejet 7310 by Anonymous (4/4/09 2:27 PM) reply + / -
You are Genius-
I used q tips - moistened with window cleaner to wipe the tape
and now printing is back to normal-

After 4 years-all suden-one day- prints came out wiggly-not sharp---and your suggestion fixed it


I almost tossed it
but then again, cleaning electronic devices -esp stereos used to fix problems 99 % of time.

Window cleaner-wasm good suggestion-takes gook right off the tape

Re: HP Officejet 7310 by sasmus1577 (4/5/09 2:13 PM) reply + / -
This fix did not work for me. I tried it 2 times and alignment still fails.

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