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Canon MP520 print head problem

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Canon MP520 print head problem by gregloew (12/17/08 12:34 PM) reply + / -

My MP520 had some non-firing black nozzles as evidenced by missing parts on the nozzle test page. I did cleaning and deep cleaning from the maintenance panel - and the problem remained. Then I got old fashioned - and tried Q-tips and alcohol on the business end of the print heads. After replacing all the tanks, black was PERFECT. But I apparently messed with the colors as THEY now don't print right. Did the cleaning, deep cleaning, and no resolution. So out comes the Q-tips and alcohol again. Now I get No color printing. How bad have I messed this up? Do I need to replace my print head now (at 1/3 the cost or a replacement printer) - or is there some way to resurrect this system?


Re: Canon MP520 print head problem by trigger1937 (12/21/08 11:20 PM) reply + / -
gregloew,... I don't think you have damaged you head. However I don't know how much alcohol you actually got into the nozzles. Just try several deep cleanings on the color to get it back.

It would help if you could send me a sample picture of the nozzle check that you print. Scan it into a jpg image and use any photo editor to enhance it so the colors are easily visible. Then compress it to document size. Send me an email by clicking on my USER ID and once I get that I can send you a reply and then you can send me the image over the internet.

Re: Re: Canon MP520 print head problem by Anonymous (12/22/08 7:03 AM) reply + / -
Hi Trigger,

Thanks for the message. I appreciate the request for a direct printout - it will take a bit of trouble to do that - but I can summarize it pretty easily.. The black printout of the nozzle check shows only the part of the sample printed by the black nozzles. And it is good quality with no dropouts. There is absolutely no color ink printed on the paper whatsoever.

I tried cleaning the printhead with alcohol - to the point that as I cleaned the 'paper side' of the print head, the colored ink/alcohol mixture leaked out of the ink tank side. Then I let the print head 'dry out' over night. Then re-inserted the head and tanks - and got the same thing. I am now pretty sure that I fried the color nozzles and will just order a new head. Of course the price for the head is a rip-off, but I'm sure Canon planned it that way! You have to buy from expensive repair shops - and not bargain-level staples or wal mart.


Re: Canon MP520 print head problem by Deen (5/13/09 4:56 AM) reply + / -
Hi! I have Canon MP520 printer, and I instaled it!!! When I print some files in color it's ok, but when I print something black the paper is empty. I look in printer proporties and I've cleaned head. But it's same all the time. It's printing only color things, but black not! What's the problem and how to resolve it???
Thnx, bye!!!

Re: Canon MP520 print head problem by gregloew (5/13/09 6:53 AM) reply + / -
Contrary to my troubleshooting sense, my 'printhead' problem turned out to be an actual printer problem.

I actually ordered a new printhead KNOWING that that was the problem. Put it in and 'voila' the SAME SYMPTOMS - only black printed.

I got with Canon to troubleshoot. They did and said that my printer was the problem. Luckily my printer was still under warranty. Canon replace it. And before I sent it back, I put that 'malfunctioning' print head in the new printer - and everything printed fine (well, the inks were a little too heavy; all the cleaning may have degraded the nozzles). I would not have expected this at all.

My thought now is that there is some 'logic' built into the printhead that communicates with the printer. When the printhead began to get clogged, I think it told this to the printer. But somehow, if you fix the problem, the printer won't accept this repair, instead it just permanently locks out the capability that was malfuncioning - it can't be reset. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it till someone educates me better.


Re: Canon MP520 print head problem by Surin70 (11/25/10 7:36 PM) reply + / -

I turned on my printer this morning and got the error U051 & U052 messages. My ink cartridges are relatively new and I have been printing as normal as usual a few days ago. How do I rectify this problem?


Re: Canon MP520 print head problem by rukun (11/4/11 7:56 AM) reply + / -
i have problem

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