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EPSON C1100 by er_senn (12/5/08 6:52 PM) reply + / -
Hi, I have a New C1100 printer.. I have a problem with the colour quality of the print out. For example when I try printing out a Bright red colour image - the printout comes up as a faded red or orangish colour. All the colour printouts are faded. I understand there might be differences between Screen colour and the actual output. But the difference I am experiencing is a bit too much. Toners are new as well.

Can you guys please help me with this problem.. ?

Re: EPSON C1100 by MMurray (12/6/08 12:37 PM) reply + / -
Some suggestions: Make sure that any ICC or ICM profiles are loaded on your computer. If you no longer have the disk that came with the printer go to Epson's web site to get them. Print a test page from the printer control panel to see if its a printer or software issue. Check that the paper type chosen in the program matches the paper you use. Try choosing paper types that are different, but close to what you use.Try different programs to print from and see if that makes a difference. Uninstall then reinstall your driver. Update your firmware (also available from Epson's web site). If you are not using O.E.M. toners, then try an Epson magenta toner and see if it makes a difference. Very basic troubleshooting steps, but I hope it helps.

Re: Re: EPSON C1100 by er_senn (12/19/08 3:08 PM) reply + / -
Thank you veyr much for your help.. I will try it out.. Cheers!

Re: Re: Re: EPSON C1100 by rich15swan (5/11/09 3:26 PM) reply + / -
Im having a similar problem any ideas on this

Re: EPSON C1100 by rich15swan (5/13/09 1:22 AM) reply + / -
Did you ever solve this problem? I am having a similar issue but only with the red.

I would be very gratefull if you could let me know.


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