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Laserjet 5550n 51.20 error

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Laserjet 5550n 51.20 error by geemcdoo (12/4/08 1:14 AM) reply + / -

I have a laserjet 5550n displaying a 51.20error. Ive tried a cold reset to no avail. Im looking an educated guess on this one. I've looked the error up and its a loss of beam, but it doesnt indicate which scanner it is! Is it a possible board fault. I currently have the printer stripped down to the scanners and im ready to order the part. Any help with this would be great.


Re: Laserjet 5550n 51.20 error by geemcdoo (12/5/08 5:12 AM) reply + / -
Does any1 know anything about this? Im tempted to shoot for the d.c controller!

Re: Laserjet 5550n 51.20 error by geemcdoo (12/19/08 7:11 AM) reply + / -
We'll the d.c controller did'nt do the trick! The problem was the black scanner assembly.
A handy tip with scanner motor trouble on the 5550 is that a laserjet 2200 is the exact same!!!! Just the motor tho, the laser part is totally differant.
Hope this thread helps some1 in the same position as i was in, not that i got much help!

Good luck.

Colo Laseret 5550 51.20 error 51.21, 51.22, 51.23 by Stephen (12/21/08 6:49 PM) reply + / -
The 51.20 was indicating the black laser/scanner.

The 2 is the X digit, the 0 is the Y digit:

X Description:

1 Beam detect error
2 Laser error

Y Description:

0 No Color/black
1 Cyan
2 Magenta
3 Yellow

Re: Laserjet 5550n 51.20 error by geemcdoo (edited 11/3/09 3:49 AM) reply + / -

I still have the laserjet 5550 D.c controller board for this printer if anyone wants to make me an offer, it cost over 150 but im open for offers. Its brand new!

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