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canon pixma mp830

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canon pixma mp830 by ronbram (12/3/08 12:12 PM) reply + / -
This is a 2 year old printer which prints 25-50 pages per day. Recently it began to print a black stripe on the back of anything we print, copy or any faxes received. The black ink actually builds up on the bottom roller. Sometimes it is a faint line, other times it's dark black and wet.

Thinking it was a bad cartridge, we replaced one but the problem still exists.

we also noticed a buildup of blue "dust" inside the printer. It's not cyan but a regular blue.

Any suggestions or experience with this?

Re: canon pixma mp830 by trigger1937 (12/11/08 12:05 AM) reply + / -
ronbram,... With that much printing I'm ammazed you have not been locked up with the famous "Waste INk Full" error. Anyway the bottom of your printer could be getting full of ink. Or you may have had a older ink cart leak one time and now the ink is on the lower rollers. There are some techniques that are useful in cleaning rollers but the best way is to take the printer apart and get down to the problem and clean it up. While you are down there you need to clean out all the waste ink that you have dumped over the last two years.

I have Repair Manuals for most Canon printers but I'm still working on the MP830. I have the data to help you if you are interested and need it but can wait till after Xmas.

Send me an email and let me know.

Re: canon pixma mp830 by rrrohan (12/11/08 5:40 AM) reply + / -
ok one the blue dust is normal, nothing to worry about. high end printers have a static charge on the planten to avoid this but only in high end stuff

the line on back of page is simply ink on planten unit (where print head swipes across page to print. clean it off.

Re: canon pixma mp830 by Anniebl (3/13/09 10:51 AM) reply + / -
Aha! I have exactly the same thick black line on a two year old printer that prints about 25-50 pages a day! I figured I needed to clean something but where is the planten unit? Do I have to remove anything to get to that? I am very conscious these black lines are costing me massive amounts in wasted ink and am very grateful for your help.

Re: Re: canon pixma mp830 by Lynnets (4/16/09 11:22 AM) reply + / -
If you have a repair manual for the MP830, I would love to benefit from it. I, too, have recently developed the black streak problem.

Re: canon pixma mp830 by anniebl (4/16/09 11:27 AM) reply + / -
Sadly I don't. Haven't got round to phoning Canon for help either. If I do and they help I will post on here.

Re: Re: canon pixma mp830 by Anonymous (6/8/09 9:05 AM) reply + / -
My waste ink toner pads are full. It seems that my choice is to have them service which is very costly or clean them myself, although I can not see them to get them out and clean them. Any suggestions? How long can I go with this message before the printer decides it is done?

Re: canon pixma mp830 by bbl8791 (3/11/11 6:58 AM) reply + / -
mp830 service manual
requires registering havent got that far yet
8 pounds for 24 hr subscription

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