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epson c90

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epson c90 by den-den (7/18/08 8:11 PM) reply + / -
i have problem with my epson c90, every time i open it, it just start blinking, and the pc soesnt notify the printer, where in i have already installed it properly... can anyone gave me some solution in fixing this.. thank you!

Re: epson c90 by steven811 (7/21/08 5:14 AM) reply + / -

1. Download Adjustment Program for Epson C90
2. Change your PC Date to Jul 24 2007
3. Delete the folder C:\Adjustments_Programs\ on your PC if it exists.
4. Reboot your PC.
5. UNZIP file C90.rar.
6. RUN AdjProg.exe file. Here is it!

to Reset Waste Ink Counter

* RUN AdjProg.exe file Epson C90
* choose Particular adjustment mode
* select waste Ink pad counter
* Klikinitialization

Re: epson c90 by m.jay (8/13/08 5:21 PM) reply + / -
can u reply, where i can download that software...
AdjProg.exe and C90.rar

Re: epson c90 by ambie (9/2/08 2:04 AM) reply + / -
email me i have the software plus instructions

Re: epson c90 by ambie75phi (9/2/08 2:09 AM) reply + / -
email me have the instructions plus software

Re: epson c90 by amuba (9/30/08 1:46 AM) reply-1 + / -
Epson Stylus C90

Resetter Adjustment Prgogram Epson Stylus C90

This for Epson printer. Reset your waste ink pad counter. If any question you can ask to me how to run Adjustment Program. Thank you. and Happy RESET!!
Note : tell your friend about my site. Maybe your friends is very needed.
Download Link
stylus photo C90 Verion Indonesia download
stylus photo C90 Version Singapore download
web blog

Re: epson c90 by aldous15 (10/2/08 7:42 PM) reply + / -
WEr I can get the software Sir???

Re: Re: epson c90 by Anonymous (10/14/08 1:45 AM) reply + / -
elo, can u email me the said resetter that is my problem in my cafe. i always going to ink refilling station to reset my printer. can u help me with my problem. thank you sir.

Re: epson c90 by greedpeople (10/22/08 5:15 PM) reply + / -

these people are GREED .. they want you to email them and want to pay before they give the link...

Re: epson c90 by Anonymous (10/27/08 8:24 PM) reply + / -
thank you 4 ur kindness...

this software are fully solve the problems...

big thanks....

Re: epson c90 by Anonymous (1/26/10 8:52 PM) reply + / -

salam dan bahagia,

mohan bantuan,cara mejalankan ajdprog.exe epson c90

trims' atas bantuannya

Re: Re: epson c90 by dias (4/4/10 5:36 PM) reply + / -
why after I did as instructed still not working ... this program cannot be used.... can u help me brother?

Re: epson c90 by afahmi_musa (edited 8/23/11 11:11 AM) reply + / -
i've got epson stylus c90 printer but already convert to CISS but i didn't use it for almost 6 months. Lately i try to reinstall back the printer but both light are always on not even blinking.

When i press the cartrige light, the head is moving a bit and when i press more, the head is ready to change the cartrige but the ink is totally full. If i try to print something it said general error and try to remove foreign item inside but there was nothing inside. Sometime it showed ink full but the "x" symbol come up on the ink and sometime the ink diagram totally empty. Sometimes also it mentioned to check the connection or to cancel all jobs and resume back again. I tried so many thing but the printer wouldn't work.

By the way, i already remove the blue sticker on side on every cartrige because last time when i wanted to refill, i can't see anything so i remove the stickers

How do i solve this problem? Please i urgently want to use this printer

Re: epson c90 by katlin (9/6/11 10:20 PM) reply + / -
We have an epson t10 printer, but its motherboard is broken already, we replaced it with c90 motherbard. It has power now but the resetter of c90 and t10 is not working. the red light is on. and everytime we use the resetter, it says, this program can not be used. please help.

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