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Toner drum scratches.

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Toner drum scratches. by Joe E. (7/10/08 8:48 AM) reply + / -
Cust. has an hp 8150,& for some reasion it is developing scratches along the legnth of the drum in the toner cartrige causing light verticle lines down the page, on reman & brand new HP cartriges. I did remove some small label particles stuck to the shaft of the registration assy. was wondering if somehow this could cause it. Never seen anything like this. Any one know what else could caus this? Thanks.

Re: Toner drum scratches. by moe (7/10/08 8:58 AM) reply + / -
The only thing that comes into physical contact with the drum is the Charge Transfer Roller.

Re: Toner drum scratches. by Anonymous (7/10/08 9:46 AM) reply + / -
It has been changed twice.

Re: Toner drum scratches. by moe (7/10/08 12:01 PM) reply + / -
It doesn't make any sense then. The only other thing that touches the drum is the primary charge roller inside the cartridge. You've replaced the cartridge and the Charge Transfer Roller. Something has to contact the drum to scratch it. They aren't running staples through the printer are they? I've seen that happen more than once. Customers don't always share the real story with you. This definitely sounds like customer induced damage.
I was in an office once where there was the typical white-out smears on the document scanner glass (90% of fax machines have it). Mentioned it to the customer. "We don't use white-out" was the response. Right next to the printer sat a bottle of white-out! Never, ever believe customers.

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