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Brother MFC-9840CDW IP Filtering capability

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Brother MFC-9840CDW IP Filtering capability by tanlouis (6/30/08 4:38 PM) reply + / -

I need to know how to only allow certain IPs to print off the printer. Any suggestions? I've been tinkering with it for a while, and i'm sure it doesn't have any ip filtering capabilities like the HPs do.

Is there a way I can get around this? Say by manipulating the console or the protocols the printer has?

Thank you,

Re: Brother MFC-9840CDW IP Filtering capability by jaak (3/5/10 8:14 AM) reply + / -
You can set this via the web interface (and other ways like BRAdmin, telnet, and maybe even the front panel).

Go to the web interface, then choose -> Network Configuration
-> Configure IPv4 Filter

And then you can enter up to 16 allow/deny filtering rules.

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