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HP 2840 ADF feeder not pulling paper

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HP 2840 ADF feeder not pulling paper by pnewb (5/5/08 11:15 AM) reply + / -
I have a HP 2840 that is not pulling paper in the ADF feeder and gives an error ďDocument feed mispick, reload. Itís not a worn roller issue because the roller mechanism is not raising/lowering or turning. In addition I installed a new ADF scanner assy. I still fails to function. I updated the firmware and it still doesnít work. Itís interesting because the printer knows the paper hasnít moved but doesnít know the ADF isnít functioning. Any ideas? I have no idea what to check/change next.

Re: HP 2840 ADF feeder not pulling paper by Scytex (5/6/08 12:09 PM) reply + / -
I would suspect a bad ribbon cable, check connections -re install
or replace.

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