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hp designjet 750c color problem

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hp designjet 750c color problem by smaarch (4/17/08 9:39 PM) reply + / -
will try to be as clear as possible:
anytime i send a color image larger than wallet size, plotter does not print
receiving light blinks (for a long time)
out of memory--data lost

configuration plot shows: RAM present as 68 + 3 MB
driver: hp750c color set to "spool print documents so program finishes faster"

black line drawings plot fine

Re: hp designjet 750c color problem by Stephen (4/21/08 6:22 PM) reply + / -
What resolution is the driver set for?

You could try lowering it.

Re: hp designjet 750c color problem by dmzcompute (4/21/08 7:33 PM) reply + / -
First off you need to have the driver you download from hp. If you do then just go to printers and faxes and right click on the printer icon and scroll down to properties and left click. Now click on printing preferences and then click on the advanced tab on the top and then choose to have the job controlled by the computer. The default is by the printer which on this model runs out of memory real quick. Control by the computer may run a bit slower, but you will never run out of memory.

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