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BROTHER DCP 7020 -"Toner Life End" Message

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BROTHER DCP 7020 -"Toner Life End" Message by Delivery (edited 4/10/08 2:06 PM) reply + / -
I'm getting Toner Life End message and I tried following the advice in another thread here to clear this message. The other thread indicates: (7/8/07 7:35 AM) open front cover, press options and start key.

I'm getting the "Toner Life End" message, however the steps to reset (per above) don't seem to work. I'm opening the toner front door, pressing OPTIONS button, then UP ARROW for YES. When I do this, it appears to be the YES reply to the REPLACED DRUM? question, but not for REPLACED TONER.

I keep getting the same results.

Is there a different way to reset this TONER LIFE END message??


Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by razors (4/18/08 11:53 AM) reply + / -
try opening front cover, pressing options, it will show replace drum, press start key, then the + key 1o times until display reads 10. press set. display will show accepted. then when display changes to cover open, close cover and see if message goes away. be aware that generic cartridges are notoriuos for this, and i would not recommend using ANY generic supplies in ANY brother.


Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by Anonymous (7/14/08 3:24 PM) reply + / -

Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by Anonymous (10/3/08 6:48 AM) reply + / -
Didn't work. Still says Toner Life End. The printer is about 2 years old. I print maybe 1-2 times a month and only a few sheets of paper so I seriously doubt I'm out of toner. Surely this toner will last longer than this. New toner cartridges cost almost $70 and I got no where near $70 worth of print jobs out of this printer. There must be a way to reset or bypass this...If not then I'm pissed.

Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by Eric Sandbo (10/3/08 6:09 PM) reply + / -
I was going to tell you exactly what razors said, above, but that's only supposed to be done with a brand-new toner that failed to automatically trigger the new-toner sensor. If your printer and toner are 2 years old, I think you're out of luck. You need a new toner cartridge, and to be safe, it should be a real Brother TN-350. Sorry.

Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by vic nash (10/4/08 4:02 AM) reply + / -
I had cleared that massage by the way it described on 4/18/08. Thanks a lot.

Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by dually681 (6/18/09 7:51 PM) reply + / -
Simple fix guys and girls, no reset gear needed!
I stuck a piece of cardboard where the reset gear should go and bingo it started priting again. i fooled it into thinking it had a new cartridge with the cardboard in the reset gear area.... omg how fun is this hackk..... hehe

Re: Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by Anonymous (7/31/09 10:49 AM) reply + / -
Thanks it works on my I own u man :)

Re: BROTHER DCP 7020 - by Anonymous (8/21/09 8:33 AM) reply + / -
The way posted does not work for me, but after I remove the cartridge and install it again, printer works for me again.

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