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HP PSC 750 Printer Help

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HP PSC 750 Printer Help by mabelline1974 (2/22/08 6:18 PM) reply + / -
Hello everyone,

I have an HP psc 750 printer that all of a sudden stop printing. The message screen on the printer wants me to add a color cartridge (ink).

Well, originally I bought a office max compatible ink cartridge for this printer and it was working just fine. Now, 2 days later the printer states that I have the wrong ink cartridge.

My questions are:

Is that normal?
Am I able to use whatever is compatible for this printer
Is there a way for me to override this error message.

There have been times when I have used the black ink cartridge only and there wasn't a problem. (It was an hp ink black cartridge) So I removed the color cartridge in order to use the black ink only and it still asks for the color cartridge.

Can I get around this someway, somehow? I don't have the disk or cd that came with the printer. It is not a very new model.

I'd appreciate any help or advice any of you can give.


Regina McElroy (

Re: HP PSC 750 Printer Help by Bert (2/22/08 6:48 PM) reply + / -
Compatible cartridges are actually refilled HP cartridges. They are not as reliable as new cartridges. Before assuming that the cartridge has become defective, clean the electrical contacts on the cartridges and carriage with alcohol and a cotton swab. If you still get the error return the cartridge to Office Max.

Both cartridges must be recognized as good by the printer or it will not print.

Download the Users Guide here.

Re: HP PSC 750 Printer Help by mabelline1974 (2/23/08 5:04 AM) reply + / -
Hi Bert,

Thank you for your response. I cleaned the areas that you suggested and also had my printer do a self maintanence cleaning. However, my printer continues to display "incorrect ink cartridge.

I guess I will have to buy another one. Thanks for your help and the link for the user guide.


Re: HP PSC 750 Printer Help by richard czerwien (3/2/08 9:14 PM) reply + / -
my 750 worked jusy fine, but now i can ptint pictures or a page from my computer only. the copier and scanner won't work. it keeps saying [ warming up ] but won't do anything. can anyone help me, thank you.

Re: HP PSC 750 Printer Help by Bert (3/2/08 10:57 PM) reply + / -
Cleaning the underside of the scanner glass, the scanner lamp (gently), and the mirror (use a cotton swab) on the scanner head may solve the problem. The mirror is recessed and runs parallel to the scanner lamp. Use Windex or a similar cleaner.

You will need a T10 Torx head dirver to do the disassembly.

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