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reset instructions for hp c5280

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reset instructions for hp c5280 by manic_tech (10/31/07 8:59 AM) reply+1 + / -
Can anyone help me i have just recently filled my old hp 351 cartridge but cant seem to get the machine to accept it, the machine itself will not even let me print on ink back up mode like the older models of hp has anyone any information at all on this please????

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by Dave27440 (10/1/08 7:39 AM) reply + / -
Hi Manic! If your cartridges are `old`,they have probably `date expired`.HP have a nasty trick of dating their carts,so even if they are still full,they will not print. I have posted a reply thread 1/10/08 on a possible method of overcoming the expiry date which may(or may not)help. Its a method I found from another thread,so no credit (or debit!)to me.

Also refilled carts will not display the correct fill level (and may not work),as the printer `remembers` the last 2 carts serial numbers and expiry dates.If you have 3 cartridges(350/351),you can refill and rotate them in sequence,as the C5280 `remembers` only the last 2 cartridge numbers,so the last refilled (third)cartridge works,as the first cartridge`s number is `dropped` out of memory.
Until HP gets wise and fits `flash memory` to hold more serial numbers.......(maybe they already have).....Dave27440

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by tupela (3/22/09 10:12 PM) reply + / -
My problem is similar to "Manic Tech" from way back 10/31/07
My C5280 refuses to accept a genuine HP #74 cart that was refilled,
not 12 months old, also now doesn't accept a replacement #74 cart; However both have previously worked very well.
I tried removing both carts and reset the printer by switching on / off 5 times, but with no effect; This HP is giving me a pain!HELP!
Any more suggestions please?

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by rvbravo (5/9/09 4:27 AM) reply + / -
I have the same problem. I bought a genuine hp75 tri color cartridge for my Hpc5280 but it gives me a message "Refer to printer Documentation"

Re: Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by Anonymous (6/2/09 3:57 PM) reply + / -
Same situation with the C5280.
Changed both cartridges with genuine carts.
Now when powered-up the unit flashes a quick message of 'load plain white paper in main tray (press OK to start alignment)'
before the main message & flashing exclamation mark of -
'Print cartridges
Refer to printer documentation'
from where the unit will not budge.

Have tried the HP Support informative method of cleaning the various parts.

I can still scan from the PC though, but not anything print-related.

Would love to hear of some new reset-stategy apart from the 'power-off, remove mains lead, wait 2 minute, press & hold power button, plug-in power lead'

Some have said the 1st quick message is pertinent, what else to do apart from remove paper, fan-it and replace.

Maybe gritty repairs necessary ?
Any ideas please ?

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by georgeProteasa (7/29/09 11:34 PM) reply + / -

I have the same problem..I try to press the combination

" < OK > Settigs Abort " ..And i found a menu .from there i reset my printer but without any luck ..i don't studdy all the options ..

I undestand that other cartridges reset with a pin combinations...i try a few pins on my own but no luck .Result : when i cover one o more pins the Hp solutions center don't show me the cartridges..I remove the tape and i was back to normal.....
If anyoane find a metheod pleas post it!!!!!

Re: Re: Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by Anonymous (7/30/09 8:07 AM) reply + / -
This issue was resolved by changing the ink cartridges.

Difficult decision, because the issue arose after a new colour cartridge change (not by myself) to start with. Never easy to do a double colour cartridge change $$$.

The 'dubious' cartridge was bought from a cheap Viking supplies catalogue, replaced with new PC World cartridge.

All working fine, but am still concerned by PC slowdowns caused by huge HP Driver install necessary for this device.
So I have switched off a few HP C5280 DLLs using the MsConfig option, not all of them though!!

Now I only use the M$ Scanner software supplied with XP itself for scanning, and carry on using basic HP Print drivers only, seems to have solved resource-hungry HP drivers for C5280.

Maybe your experience is different.

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by georgeProteasa (7/30/09 11:49 AM) reply + / -
The cartridge was refill a few time and ...when the ink level is 0 is stop working and this problem apear "Consult printer documentation".
-the printer store your series from the cartridge and don't let you use it again until you reset it ("I don't know how ?!!!!!!")

My result:
1.Set from the printer proprierties "not to print imediatley"
2.Print your document
3.the printer icon apera in the right-bottom corner of the screen ...and you are abel to see your document

4. Print a Diagnostic page..

5...After the diagnostic page ..your document will be printed ..

Well is not the best solution ...--
If you don't succed -instal the latest software form ..and when printing the diagnostic page ..imediately prin your document ..

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by Anonymous (8/22/09 11:52 AM) reply + / -
Simply don`t install HP software from CD you got with printer but instead connect printer first with usb cable and let Windows to install drivers. Keep HP CD in drive so it will install only drivers which printer need to work. SO THERE WILL BE NO SOFTWARE FOR INK MEASURING INSTALLED ON YOUR PC. I found this out accidentally when my HP installation couldn't finish connecting printer to pc, but i found out that printer is working when i print something from any program. Now we know why they say in manual that that is very important NOT to connect printer before HP installation asks :)))

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by Anonymous (4/26/10 5:24 AM) reply + / -
est. com minha inpre. dando erro 03144dd6, apois del e lig
quem me ajuda.

Re: reset instructions for hp c5280 by BurtNeki (1/28/11 9:53 AM) reply + / -
I can't get my c5280 to print directly to CD's/DVD using roxio 10.0 does anyone have any help

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