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hp psc 2355

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hp psc 2355 by dan g (10/21/07 11:18 PM) reply + / -

Problem Description: After removing a paper jam I powered the product on and received the error message "Scanner failure - Turn power off then on" - have powered product on and off several times with same result - I have found information on the internet telling me to do a partial reset but I cannot find specific instructions on how to do this. i can print from my computer but nothing on the display panel works - scan, copy. "on" or "cancel" lights. called hp and they charge a fee for this info.

Re: hp psc 2355 by Bert (10/22/07 9:05 PM) reply + / -
Try doing a reset by pressing and holding left arrow and cancel while plugging in the power.

Re: Re: hp psc 2355 by Anonymous (10/23/07 7:52 PM) reply + / -
Thanks for the suggestion - I tried it to no avail. I held both buttons down until the "scanning failure" message appeared. I'm guessing it must be a different combination of buttons.

Re: Re: Re: hp psc 2355 by Anonymous (10/30/07 7:13 PM) reply + / -
I've got the same scanner failure problem. Holding the left arrow and cancel while powering on seems to be a generic partial resetting, but according to HP, there is no partial reset available for the HP PSC 2355, so I'm at an impasse.

This scanner error started after I cleared a paper jam. At this point, I'm figuring it's a hardware problem, but am still looking for direction for self-repair. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Re: hp psc 2355 by Bert (10/30/07 8:20 PM) reply + / -
Quoting HP, "A dirty or blurry scanner glass may cause a deficient scanning and copy quality." Talk about weasel words, this qualifies for a prize. Many people have cured "scanner failures" by removing the glass and cleaning the underside, giving particular attention to the white strip.

Re: hp psc 2355 by Anonymous (12/14/09 4:37 AM) reply + / -
I had the same problem as You *(frozen screen )and I did the combination of left arrow + cancel and it works .....but I did it a bit longer about 45 second !!! I think That You didn't hold so long those buttons as I do !!!
I hope that help!!!

Re: hp psc 2355 by nina2002 (12/30/11 2:54 PM) reply + / -
My HP PSC 2355 starts a command then it goes to error oxb9000009
and the power light and exclamation mark are both flashing.
Unable to find a driver for this printer on HP's website.
The previous owner of this device threw the Cd out so I have no way to install using a CD.

Re: hp psc 2355 by Marcel1908 (1/12/12 8:13 PM) reply + / -
Hallo ik heb een HP PSC 2355 all-in-one printer

Maar ik heb het volgende probleem:

Als ik wil gaan printen of uitlijnen inktpatronen

Geeft hij steeds aan papierstoring en hij verkreukeld mijn papier

Met het ingaan van het papier.

En hij geeft de volgende foutcode aan

Error 0xb975187a 165:hw_interrupt_hwv2.c

Ik ben radeloos hij werkte altijd prima

Wie kan me helpen met het oplossen van dit probleem?

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