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pixma ip4000

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pixma ip4000 by ching8077 (5/10/07 2:54 AM) reply + / -
I got canon printer pixma ip4000 after changed the new print head
but still noting printing out at all , I try cleaning the print head few time still the same . who can help me p/s urgent


Re: pixma ip4000 by Anonymous (11/16/07 3:33 PM) reply + / -
Could be the purge unit

Re: pixma ip4000 by jillmcelroy (3/1/09 9:19 PM) reply + / -
I have this problem where my ip4000 where the machine just doesnt' print the black ink. Tried all of the suggestions and finally ordered a new print head. It did not work originally so I put the machine through several deep cleanings and it started to print again. It was working fine for about 10 documents worth of printing and then suddenly the black ink on the printed documents started to fade. Now it is not printing anything (the machine makes noise and acts like it is printing). I am at my wits end! Any suggestions. Both of the black ink cartridges are Canon and full. I'm ready to throw the whole kit and kaboodle in the garbage. Someone wrote it could be the purge unit. Where is that and what do I do with it? Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: Re: pixma ip4000 by Stomp (3/4/09 3:12 PM) reply + / -
I agree, it sounds like the purge unit.

The purge unit sits under the carriage at the right end of the printer. It's the small frighteningly complex mechanical assembly that you don't want to replace unless you're very comfortable doing that sort of thing. Part # QM2-1210

Re: pixma ip4000 by Merle Gering (3/17/09 3:20 PM) reply + / -
My ip4000 has stopped printing black.(it initially stopped printing blue, but that problem has gone away). Cleaning the print head did not help, nor did replacing it with a brand new Canon print head. However, The printer will print black for one or two pages, when it has been sitting idle for several days - what does this tell us. The new print head did improve the printing of the colours, but did nothing for the black. Is there anything I can do? Is there anything a print technician can do for a reasonable price? (replacing the ink cartridge has not helped)

I see in this thread that people mention the purge unit. is there anything i can try with this to test it out? How do I get at it? Is replacing it the only option?

I have enjoyed this printer. If I have to now replace it - is there a comparable printer which takes cheap cartridges? (I hate having to buy expensive cartridges - it takes all the joy out of doing things myself - making cards, printing photos). Are there any printers you can recommend?

Re: pixma ip4000 by trigger1937 (3/17/09 10:40 PM) reply + / -
Merle,..The most probably cause is that the black suction tube at the bottom of the purge unit has come loose,... or the vacuum motor in the bottom of the purge unit is internally clogged, or damaged. I have created Repair Manuals for most every Canon printer including the iP4000 and it will teach you how to repair your problem. To find out how to get one just click on my USER ID and send me an email. I'll send you a picture of a good and a bad purge unit.

Re: pixma ip4000 by ip4000man (edited 4/11/09 11:54 AM) reply + / -
trigger1937, - Hi!!

We have just found your post, and could really do with the picture that you have offered Merle :-) I have emailed you.

We are having the same problems with our canon ip4000.

We had a problem with the print head (error codes told us this),

So we got a brand new print head - and the printer would not print anything. After cleaning the purge unit (tissue paper), we have managed to get the colors working again, but not the "text" black.

It would really help if we could find out how to get the black working again. - or how to clear the vacuum in purge unit.

Many thanks.

Re: pixma ip4000 by trigger1937 (4/12/09 8:41 PM) reply + / -
iP4000man,... The problem you are having sounds like it is with your Purge unit, especially since you installed a new printhead and you can only get the colors to print. Don't try and print anything else until we figure out your problem. The only thing you should print would be a nozzle check pattern. Any other printing could damage your new head.

The problem appears to be that your Purge unit is not getting ink sucked down out of the ink carts into the printhead. Without that suction, which primes the printhead with ink, you can never print anything.

Open the cover an when the head comes to the center, pull the power cord. The remove the ink can fold up a paper towel to 1/4 size and wet it with warm water and ringe all the excess water out. Then blot the bottom of the printhead on many different sections of the towel and left me know what color patterns you get. Now move the carriage more to the left so you can get at the purge station inside the right. Use some rubber gloves and more towels and blot all excess ink off of the 2 pads where the printhead is normally parked. Now use some warm water to flood each of the pads and see if the water stays or is drained off down through the pads. Use more towels and blot all the water again. Add some more water and do it again. We are trying to get both pads as white as possilbe. Now flood the pads with water once again. With the head still out of the printer, plug the power back into the printer and close the cover. Turn the power on and once the printer does the initial test cycle and comes to a rest, turn the power off. Wait 2 minutes and turn the power on and open the cover. Use a flashlight to see if the water you flooded onto the pads is gone and hopefully the pads are near white.

Now re-install the printhead and the ink carts and close the cover. Using the maintenance tab of the printer controls, force the printer to do a cleaning cycle on BLACK ONLY. Once it has stop, open the cover and look at the large pad to see if it is not black with ink, or if it is still the same color as it was before you did the cleaning cycle. Send me a reply to the note and tell me what you have found.


Re: pixma ip4000 by lilsourgoose (5/12/09 5:10 PM) reply + / -
I've got a Pixma ip4000 also, that has suddenly started leaving ink splotches (they look like bird scratchings!) on the edges of my documents. In addition, parts of the text are smeared (see the word "Reference" in the scan).

Here is a scan showing a typical mess:

Anyone have any advice? I ran the self-running maintenance programs with no luck. Is this thing toast?

Re: Re: pixma ip4000 by weggsdoor (6/6/09 1:15 PM) reply + / -

having the same problems with printing black, all other colours work fine, Have replaced the head and all cartridges. Just tried your fix , but unfortunately I couldn't see the water drain on the small pad. the smaller pad remains white, the larger pad is now black, as if the ink is being absorbed. Any suggestions


Re: pixma ip4000 by Richard Beck (2/11/10 8:34 PM) reply + / -
My iP 4000 printer will not print. It shows me the 5 yellow blinks which means the printy head is faulty. Where can I get a new print Head and the cost. Is it a better move to buy a new ip 4700 for about $100.00 and scrap the iP4000 which is 5 year old. It worked like a charm until yesterday.

Re: pixma ip4000 by trigger1937 (2/11/10 9:23 PM) reply + / -
Richard, The iP4000 printer is a great printer and still uses the most low cost ink carts of all Canon printers. The 5 orange flashes is telling you that the Printhead can not be recognized,... which means it is not sending back the correct electrical signals.

So, open the cover and when the head comes to the center, pull the power cord out. Now you can open the locking lever and remove the printhead. Clean all of the contacts on the back of the head with alcohol and also the contacts on the inside of the carriage asm. Once that is done, re-install the head and ink and lock the carriage and close the cover and plug the power back in and turn the power on. If you get the same results as before, they it is too late, you have damaged your printhead beyond repair. You can call Canon and order a replacement head.

As far as the new iP4700, you may not understand what the ink carts cost for that printer. Just one set of ink carts will cost you almost as much as you are willing to pay for the printer. Then, if you are a normal user you will need new ink about twice a year. This means that you will pay more for the ink than you payed for the printer within one year.

The ink carts for your iP4000 can be had for $2 to $3 each. A new printhead will cost you $45 but if you take care of it this time it will last you forever. You need to learn how to take care of it. You burned the printhead out for your last printer becuase you let it run of of ink and continued to print.

Re: pixma ip4000 by RoCeTi (7/11/10 5:57 AM) reply + / -
My Pixma IP 4000 suddenly stopped printing all colors
Printing gray scale works fine, but it does not print any color anymore. Deap cleaning does not help. I have looked at other posts about de purge unit being clogged. I tried to find out whether that is the case. As far as I can see (I am no printer repair engineer, so my knowledge is limited) it looks like the perge unit is working. (flodded pads get sucked clean)

What can be the problem?

Re: pixma ip4000 by trigger1937 (7/11/10 11:25 PM) reply + / -
RoCeti,... I have a process to test if your purge unit is in fact working or if the problem is in the printhead. However the instructions are too long to post to this web site. Click on my USER ID and send me your same note and I will respond.

Re: pixma ip4000 by RoCeTi (7/15/10 1:00 PM) reply + / -
Trigger1937 .... Did you receive my note?

Re: pixma ip4000 by sagala (9/4/10 7:54 PM) reply + / -
My Canon pixma ip4000 is no longer printing black or color ink. I have taken out the cartridges, and tried to clean the print heads and purge pads. I have run the deep cleaning 3-4 times also. Nothing changes. No ink is coming through at all. I do not have any error messages. Just blank paper going through the printer. Any suggestions as to why to try next? I really have loved this printer and the low cost of ink and don't want to buy a new one if I can fix it.

Re: pixma ip4000 by pixbat (10/25/10 2:14 AM) reply + / -
Trigger1937...I sent you a note concerning the testing process for the purge unit. I hope you get it and respond. Thanks

Re: pixma ip4000 by Geelee (11/21/10 1:51 PM) reply + / -
Not wanting to waste time posting a redundant thread here my Canon Pixma ip4000 stopped printing anything a week ago and I'm trying to contact Trigger1937 about accessing, inspecting and servicing my ip4000's purge unit. I just replaced my print head with a brand new one and put all fresh ink carts in the unit. Cleaned the park pads until white and after running a couple cleaning cycles the printer still won't print a test pattern but I notice all of the colors & black ink stains back on the park pads again??? Doesn't make sense because there's no sign of ink even when I try to blot the head manually. Please email me instructions on how to get at this printer's purge unit and suction hose. I also tried emailing Trigger1937 directly from one of the earlier postings above but all I got were error messages. SOS!!! Thanks

Re: pixma ip4000 by boyxba (5/6/11 11:24 PM) reply + / -
i had pixma 4000 .
i had problem with my agenta color . i got out the printers head cleaned but unlike the head become dead due the error code flash.
i bought new print head . i cleaned all the printer (disassemblied).
i had no error code .with my new head on still does not print at all colors. thh purge unit saws that ink comes out but on paper nothing. may has problem with logic board?

Re: pixma ip4000 by harida (12/31/14 5:47 PM) reply + / -
I use my printer just occasionally, and most documents. Pictures comes in black and white(stripes dark and light) when I want colors.
I have read at forums about this printer and clogged printheads. I understand it is made impossible to use the printer without having all color cartridges in place. The heat can destroy the print heads. Would it be possible to fill a empty cartridge with water until I need to print in colors? To prevent destroying the print head? Or would it be possible to make a software that use only the black ink when printing documents?

Re: pixma ip4000 by trigger1937 (1/1/15 11:45 AM) reply + / -
Sorry to all those that have posted above. I've been busy flying around in my little red suit. I don't know why I have not gotten any of your posts,...unless you've been bad this last year. Anyway I will send each of you a short note and when your send me back your email response please mention your printer model and describe the problem. It would also help a bunch if you could attach a copy of your last nozzle test print.

Happy New Year.

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