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Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600

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Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600 by kimberley (9/27/06 8:56 AM) reply+1 + / -
The waste ink absorber is nearly full message is coming up when using the printer. Is there any way to clean this out yourself? If there is can someone let me know and also how to reset the printer. Thanks.

Re: Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600 by lusi83 (10/6/06 2:17 AM) reply + / -
See the Canon MPC Ink tank full thread on this forum ..very common problem on modern Canon printers

Re: Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600 by Fernandez (11/19/07 11:37 AM) reply + / -
How about a link jackass?

Re: Re: Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600 by jeanlock (2/22/08 8:09 AM) reply + / -
OK, so I'm just a little old lady, but was that demeaning name really necessary?

Re: Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600 by Anonymous (11/26/08 10:04 PM) reply + / -
Yes, first unplug the power chord and then the usb chord. When you are done doing that, take the printer to an area where you have a little working space. Put it down on some newspaper. Open the lid. (Normally, when you open the lid with printer on, the cartridges will slide over to the left of the machine, this is important to remember for part of the cleaning). Now, with printer lid up in the air, look down inside the printer. you will see some plastic running horizontal with the printer ribbon, (the area I am referring to is right under where the ink cartriges slide back and forth)on the floor of the printer. If you take your finger and feel inside, you will find a very thin, narrow piece of foam in between the plastic strips. You can gently remove this foam and clean it with denatured alcohol and let it completely dry before replacing. You can also go in and clean the plastic area with a Qtip, because there will be a residue of ink all over this area. Also, right under where the ink cartridges park when opening the lid when plugged in is another small piece of rubber pad that should be cleaned too. Once you have done this, and this is important.. before, and during the replugging of the usb plug and the power chord, YOU MUST keep the "on key" pressed in. This is going to help reset your printer once it's plugged in. So keep your on button pressed down and plug both chords in. ONCE that's done, let go of the power button. It will go on and run through some of it's noise. The yellow light might come on again, that's okay, just turn off your printer, wait a few seconds and turn it back on. It should work fine. We did this because we had read about holding in the button for resetting. If you clean the ink pads in the future you must do that because it actually is resetting something in your printer. Mine works just fine. I will add that I went through a lot of ink cartridges to get to this point but it is pretty easy to clean if you just take your time, be patient and carefully remove the foam not to damage it. Good luck

Re: Re: Waste Ink Absorber Canon Pixma iP1600 by Anonymous (1/26/10 12:49 PM) reply + / -
saying nearly full. dont know how to empty.

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