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Epson CX5400 Print gaps, Black only

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Epson CX5400 Print gaps, Black only by Laney (12/2/05 9:02 PM) reply + / -
I've replaced the black print cartridge twice in the last two months, but the printer started leaving gaps in the black print again.

The gaps are evenly and regularly spaced. It looks as if the print cartridge stumbles at the beginning, then looks great for an approximately 1" section, and repeats that all the way down the page.

I've done all the maintenances steps, cleaning, alignment, etc., and even removed the cartridge and cleaned the contacts on both the cartridge and the printer with a electronic contact cleaner, and then dabbed a bit of Pro Gold on with a Qtip, but got exactly the same results.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mind tearing into things and usually manage to put things back together with minimal parts left on the bench - so whatever you can think of I'm willing to try.


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