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Canon Image Runner 5000

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Canon Image Runner 5000 by Goalie8174 (11/9/05 3:44 PM) reply + / -
Our Image Runner 5K is coming up with this error code: E000001-0000 when it starts up. I cannot find anything online that referneces canon error codes. Does anyone know what that code means?

Also, there doesn't seem to be a way around the error.

Thanks for the help.


Re: Canon Image Runner 5000 by kuby (edited 11/9/05 4:24 PM) reply + / -
Sounds like the need to do a reset first.

Main Cause
The main thermistor (TH1) has poor contact or an open circuit.
The thermal switch (TP1) has an open circuit.
The fixing heater has an open circuit.
The SSR is faulty.
The DC controller PCB is faulty.

Mode of Detection
0000 After the main power switch is turned on, the temperature detected by the main thermistor does not reach 70C.

Caution The error must be reset in service mode (COPIER>FUNCTION>CLEAR>ERR).

4.1 Troubleshooting by Malfunction
4.1.1 E000
Thermistor (TH1, TH2)
1) Clear E000, and turn off and then on the main power switch.

Make the following selections in service mode:
COPIER>DISPLAY>ANALOG. Does <FIX-U> show an increase in
YES: The thermistor is faulty. Check the following:
thermistor for mounting condition
thermistor for soiled surface

Re: Canon Image Runner 5000 by malik naeem (7/1/09 9:48 AM) reply + / -
error code E000599-0003is giving when paper will come in finsher

Re: Canon Image Runner 5000 by Anonymous (9/1/09 5:31 AM) reply + / -
error code E000584-0003

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