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HP Officejet 7110

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HP Officejet 7110 by rustman (9/28/05 10:54 AM) reply + / -
I'm getting a "Scanner Failure" message on the front display of the printer. I turned the unit on and off as the message goes on to say but "Scanner Failure" reappears. The HP website says that this may be a bulb issue but in case it was not, I tried the 'partial reset' as recommended on HP website. After trying this several times, the error message persists. HP says if this occurs that I need to bring the printer in for service.

Before I do this, I would like to assure myself that this is the problem. I can print photos but I cannot fax which tells me the scanner may be the issue. If it is the bulb, is this something I can fix myself or is this something I need to bring in? Many thanks. Rustman

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Steven.Bolli (9/18/06 6:17 AM) reply + / -
I am having the same problem. I was wondering what the outcome of the postings was. I see all the questions but none of the responces. How do you view the responces and what was the responce for the question.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by hpwizard (9/18/06 6:37 AM) reply + / -
The scanner failure message is usually the mirrors & the underside of the glass (especially the strip which the scanner uses as a reference) You need to clean the mirrors & underside of the glass, this usually solves the prob. Also before you do that, if you are using a surge protector, try plugging the printer directly into the wall socket. If non of these help you may well have an ailing lamp.
Good Luck!
Dazz UK

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Asim (9/30/07 5:11 PM) reply + / -
I had a similar problem and after many hours of searching the web , found a company that sells the bulbs.Ordered 2 bulbs (7110 takes 2 bulbs),installed them and after that no more scanner failure message.It has been 2 weeks now error free. Was'nt that bad replacing the bulbs either. about 10 screws. BTW the company is Deens Electronics Inc. In Ca. The site is

Good luck


Re: HP Officejet 7110 by vern73 (10/1/07 1:44 PM) reply + / -
I recently purchased a new Sony laptop. I have an HP 7110 printer, and am attempting to attach it to the laptop. I have downloaded the software and inerted new ink cartridges. When I turn on the printer, it says "press enter to align printer heads". I do, and then it makes a series of noises. Then, all the lights begin flashing and a message runs across the screen: "Turn power off and on." I do, and I run through the same series of events again.

Has anyone had a similar occurrence? Does anyone have any advice? Help!


Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Bert (12/21/07 9:12 AM) reply+1 + / -
Before you start changing parts clean the underside of the glass, giving particular attention to the white strip. Then clean the scanner bulb (gently, its thin glass) and the mirror(s) with a cotton swab sparingly moistened with Windex or a similar cleaner.

Removing the glass

The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) will need to be removed before the glass can be removed. You will also need a T10 Torx head driver approximately 6" long. Driver handles that accept removable bits may be too large in diameter for this particular job.

Removing the automatic document Feeder (ADF)
1. Hinge the ADF upward as if you are going to manually scan a document.
2. In the hinge area there is two black pull latches. Pull them up and lift the ADF straight up to remove it. Some side-to-side rocking may be necessary before it will disengage.

Removing the Scanner Glass
1. Remove the four T10 Torx head screws around the perimeter of glass, i.e. two in the ADF hinge area and one on the right and left.
2. Remove the Control Panel overlay. It pries off.
3. Open the printer as if you are going to access the cartridges and disengage the support legs. Two latches at the base of each leg must be pried outward with a slot style screwdriver to disconnect them. The scanner assembly will now "flop" freely, so steady it while removing the four screws on the underside.

Note: The screw in the front is hidden under the piece that you grasp to gain cartridge access. Two latches must be released to remove it. The screw can now be seen using a flashlight but may be obscured by some wires.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Raymon (3/2/08 2:51 PM) reply + / -
Yeah that note is completely true and the reason you have to have a T10 Screwdriver, not attachment.

I have a 7110 which was giving me scanner failure problems for the last few years. I recently changed printers and was fixing this up for someone else and after putting in new print heads (I should have fixed it myself but no time) and cartridges wasn't about to give up on it. However after letting it sit for so long the scanner problem got worse and now the error popped up anytime scanning. This made the use of it as a fax machine worthless. My neighbor was throwing out her 7310 and long story short, they were completely swappable for the scanning bed. I tried popping in the memory card slot but my 7110 didnt like it(lots of flashing lights). I should have posted images.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by hp-printer-dave (3/4/08 1:47 AM) reply + / -
I bet they were throwing out the 7310 because it woulkdn't recognize the black cartridge or --- gets a carrage jam !!!

If this is so HP is replacing these printers for free under an extended warranty because of so many with the same flaw. A spring breaks loose & punctures a hole in the print head ribbon rendering the printer useless.

You have to have a bad printer to send back to them.

See the post on the 7310 --- 7410 on how to contact HP.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by juan valdez (3/15/08 10:05 PM) reply + / -
The "scanner failure" error is a result of a yellowing plastic - there is a little clear plastic piece that diverts a little beam of light from the scanner bulb up to the sensor - it turns yellow with age and being made of obviously less-than-adequate plastic to last for more than a year or so (I suspect it's from the UV from the flourescent lamp). That's why HP says to replace the lamp - but the lamp is ok, but the sensor doesn't think it is... Of course HP will not sell you just that piece - they probably don't have any. It's not like they actually make any of their junk any more and that thing is out of production. I'm currently fighting the "All lights flashing" issue - happens after printing 1 page - really annoying - HP says hardware failure, buy a new printer...

This is my friend's printer and I chewed her out for buying an HP - they have ALWAYS been junk - Gold standard my rear! For some reason people THOUGHT they made good stuff, and then when it really sucked, they thought hmmm, that's unusual for an HP - I think I'll buy another ---- NOOOOOOO!!!! Thay all SUCK!!! They always have - read the reviews, everyone hates them, their drivers crash and the plastic stuff is too fragile and they put special foam in their cartridges to make it impossible to refill and the print quality is the pitts - do a side by side with ANY OTHER BRAND - HP SUCKS!!

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by juan valdez (3/15/08 10:38 PM) reply + / -
Oh, and All Electronics has the bulbs too, they used to sell 2-10" ones together for $8.00, but I noticed they only have 4" and 12" listed now, must be out of the 10" ones, have to keep checking back. But, as you may have guessed - I tried the lamp switch - doesn't work if the little plastic piece is yellowed - your screwed (if you take the lid off, the little clear plastic piece is at one end of the lamps right between them and it's shaped like a prism to gather light from both sides, see if it's yellowed with age - you will probably have to unmount it to hold it up to the light to see the yellow - but the damn scanner is so sensitive, that's enough - it's so sensitive that plugging it into a surge protector makes the lamp too dim - now how's that for quality engineering?) - I found a whole lid/scanner assy on ebay for $25.00 new enough that the plastic was still clear!

Good Luck!

Re: Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Anonymous (3/25/08 5:56 PM) reply + / -
Thanks for your post!!! The instructions were great. My four year old 7110 would periodically show the Scanner Error, but lately after one fax it would do it for days. Now it would stay on almost constantly. I could not believe how filthy the glass was underneath. I cleaned the glass with alcohol and paper towels and the paper towel was black when I finished. I could not get the stubborn front screw back into place, but I think that seven other screws and gravity will do just fine. Thanks again for the help.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Yazeed Madaeen (5/31/08 12:17 PM) reply + / -
Hi Bert

Thank you for the instructions, exactly as per your instructions, as for the front screw, i simply hooked it to the screwdriver with some scotch tape and once screwed, the scotch tape remains with the screw, and the screwdriver comes out cleanely

Cheers, and thanks again for your help


Re: HP Officejet 7110 by gordyman (6/9/08 8:49 PM) reply + / -
Just to put my two cents in...

Our 7110 quit abruptly with the "scanner failure" message about 3 weeks ago. Was going to give up (wife bought a new J6480 All-in-one, is not happy with quality), but after reading all the previous comments, decided to tackle myself. First disassembled then reassembled, hoping to find something obvious. No yellowed plastic (atleast not very noticeable). Went back in a second time, this time with MUCH more confidence, and cleaned everything that reflected/refracted light, using glass cleaner and denatured alcohol, with liberal use of aerosol "dust-off" (computer parts cleaner).


It copied from top glass, faxed, and scanned. But there were problems....White was copying with a green tint (at first), then, after calibrating color, red. Some "ghosting" of colors. Tried aligning printer heads, cleaning printer heads, and recalibrating color - again. Still red. Still ghosting. After printing off about a dozen test pages, (even tried restoring factory settings), things came to a grinding halt again, with the "scanner failure" message coming back with a vengence.

I guess I'll try replacing the bulbs, but in the mean time....

Is there something obvious I'm missing? Or something I probably bumped or screwed up that would manifest itself as ghosting and color that just refuses to go neutral?


Re: HP Officejet 7110 by jalex (7/24/08 11:38 AM) reply + / -
I am getting a carrage jam error. The position sensor strip behind the print head came loose and I reinstalled it but it wasn't good shape at all. How can I buy a new one and install it?

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by jalex (7/24/08 11:46 AM) reply + / -
What do you do when the carrage position sensor strip gets broken on the HP Officejet 7110 printer?
I put it back on but I still get the carrage jam error. I need to know where to buy it and the install procedure.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Bert (7/24/08 8:34 PM) reply + / -
Make sure that the encoder strip (carriage position sensor strip) is threaded through the optical sensor on the backside of the carriage.

Integrity as a whole is damaged by Nadia Florida (12/27/08 2:17 PM) reply + / -
My dad just gave me his HP7110. It's a very attractive machine but... worthless. He had the same issues, called HP and they sent him a "new" one. I believe it's just refurbished.

I researched the HP site and did the factory reset they recommend on the thing (unplug for 30 seconds, plug back in while holding the pound and 6 until you see teh reset message, then turn on). It fixed ONE of the problems, which was this very ugly sound at the beginning... which eventually made its way back into my life, like a bad ex. Then, the scanner failure thinga-ma-bob has never completely gone away... even though I see the light turn on no prob.

Can't wait till Monday to call HP and see what they have to say. If I could afford my own machine, I would go out and buy myself a non-HP machine just to relieve myself of the stress. I think HP has great color lasers but the all-in-one's stink... at least this model does.

After all the posts I just read and my dad having gotten a second "new" machine from HP... I think it's just faulty engineering. I would not recommend the HP all-in-ones to anyone. My dad has three Brother all-in-one's in his office and has NEVER had these issues. They were also nearly a third of the price. I just really liked this one because it has color... :( Oh well.

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by BillCa (6/30/09 11:26 AM) reply + / -
My scanner problem occurs when using the ADF; it's Ok when copying from the flatbed. The leading edge of the page just gets to the scan glass, the mirror begins to move to the left, a loud gear-slipping noise is head, and the msg "scanner inoperative" appears. Is that related to the same dirty mirror problem described above? Thanks for your help!

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by Mark Vickers (7/6/09 9:10 PM) reply + / -
Hey, how about a mass 'throw your HP shite off a cliff' meeting'?

Obviously we'd do it for charity, clean up the mess afterwards, and ask HP to cough up the equivalent value of our printers for Children in Need or whatever - but they really should not be allowed to get away with this cynical practice.

Grand Canyon . . . Beachy Head . . . Krakatoa . . . anyone?

(Having followed all the instructions, I must have the 'cheap yellow plastic prism' problem.)

Cheers, Mark

Scanner Failure HP 7110 All in One/ Fixed by Hawk in OC (edited 10/17/09 10:30 AM) reply + / -
Ok Looked at all the options from above great info so I took first step on cleaning glass and yellowing strip. Thanks Bert 7/21/07 Entry.
This wasn't the problem...came to discover that after relocating/moving the unit a piece of dust within got onto the reader disk under the scanner head. Used air hose, put back together works fine. Also you should check glass Strip on ADF (Auto Document feeder) Scanner error will read from that as well.
Thank everyone!! I hate paying repair fees and This Unit is 1993 purchase and overall has worked great and still does!! Hp ok in my book.
Hawk in OC

Re: HP Officejet 7110 by kalem (10/28/09 10:27 AM) reply + / -

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