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HP Laserjet 5 paper jam . . . .

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HP Laserjet 5 paper jam . . . . by Rodney R. Reynol (4/29/04 10:46 PM) reply + / -
I've read through this site and the paper jams I get do not crinkle the paper. It's not a jam at all in fact - even though the display says so. What happens is - the paper makes it as far as about 1" past the metal strip with the brush under it on the reddish belt that is beneath the drum. The leading edge of the paper is always stopped at the exact same spot.

The display then reads the following:

I also get this one a lot:

Re: HP Laserjet 5 paper jam . . . . by moe (4/30/04 4:04 PM) reply + / -
Just to set the record straight, it's really an HP color laserjet 5. They're selling HP color laserjet 1500s at the club stores for $599 with a free network card. Much better, faster printer. For under $1000 you can get the single pass 12ppm color 3500. You'd probably be best served to take the money you would have spent fixing that old dinosaur and getting a newer color laser. IMHO, the biggest mistake HP ever made was switching from Canon to Konica for those engines. They realized their error and switched back.

Re: HP Laserjet 5 paper jam . . . . by Rodney R. Reynol (4/30/04 6:20 PM) reply + / -
Dear Moe:
I realize my error. It is indeed a Color LaserJet 5. But, having never had one before, I am new to laser printer jargon - and don't understand what you mean by IMHO. And - I acquired this HP LaserJet 5 last week - for nothing. So I was hoping I'd be able to get it working for around $100 ish. Or better yet - clean it up real well and spend nothing to get it working. I have almost no time invested in it yet. What do you think? Is it worth putting anything into it - knowing what I have told you so far?

Thanks -


Re: HP Laserjet 5 paper jam . . . . by moe (5/1/04 2:03 PM) reply + / -
IMHO, in my humble opinion. It's internet speak. A friend of mine who runs a salvage business once invited me to a defunct internet company and said "take what you want". They had all kinds of printer related things, desks, etc. There was a color laserjet 5 for the taking. It was performing a function better suited for it: holding a door open. I passed on it and for all I know it's still holding the door open. Since you have nothing invested in it, I suggest you dispose of it by whatever means you can. Don't waste any money on it. It was a horrible printer the day it was built.

Re: HP Laserjet 5 paper jam . . . . by Rodney R. Reynol (5/1/04 4:00 PM) reply + / -
Thanks for saving me from a black hole of expense.

One final question. Will it be worth it to take it apart and really clean the hell out of it? Such as using some proper rubber cleaner for all the rollers, etc.

Thanks for all your help, Moe.


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