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Replace Toner warning on Brother multifunction

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Replace Toner warning on Brother multifunction by LucasB (9/12/11 11:38 AM) reply + / -

The office I'm supporting has a Brother MFC-7460DN, which just had its toner cartridge replaced (with a generic cartridge, not a Brother one) due to the printer giving a "REPLACE TONER" message. Following the swap though, the printer is still displaying the "REPLACE TONER" on the status screen and nothing I've tried has been able to clear it - I've even gone so far as to reset the printer entirely to no effect.

That said, it's still printing.

Eventually though I imagine it will cease to print even though there's still toner in the cartridge, based on some of the threads I've seen here. Does anyone have some suggestions on how to clear this error?


Re: Replace Toner warning on Brother multifunction by sue o (9/13/11 11:32 AM) reply + / -
Well, take the toner back. There is a reset on the side of the toner cartridge that trips a lever in the printer to indicate that you have replaced the cartridge. The company that you purchased the toner from must not be very knowledgable since resetting toner refills is "refilling 101". And yes, the machine will shut down when it determines "toner out".

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