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Brother TN-450 Toner

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Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (5/28/11 11:44 AM) reply + / -
Does anyone know if this toner cartridge has the sensors that you can cover like I have seen mentioned elsewhere? If not can you reset the flag gear, when the "Tone End Life" message comes up to keep it printing?


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (6/12/11 6:41 AM) reply + / -
Anyone know anything about these? I've inspected the toner cartridge and it doesn't have the 2 sensors that can be covered like the others.

Is it all based on the flag gear?

I am using a MFC-7460.


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by sue o (6/12/11 9:00 PM) reply + / -
Typically, the flag gear is used to identify the cartridge as new/full and must be reset when refilling the toner. All of the Brother toners that I have seen that have the developer roller as part of the toner uses the optical sensor that notifies the printer as low/empty. Take a closer look at the sides to see if you can find the optical "eyes".

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by moe (6/12/11 11:48 PM) reply + / -

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (6/13/11 1:52 PM) reply + / -
There is definitely no optical sensors that I can see.

Maybe the TN-450 uses some other type of sensor? Unless the flag gear is all it uses.

Anyone else?


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by sue o (6/13/11 2:49 PM) reply + / -
Sorry, but I have not seen that particular cartridge, so I cannot offer anything else. I haven't seen anything else in the refilling literature for low toner sensing so I have to believe that this cartridge still uses an optical eye. I just looked at a tn215 which is similar and did see the "eye". Very hard to detect but one hint I have is to look on the gear side of the cartridge. There is a small round hole on the cover that corresponds with the "eye". All I can offer is to take another look. This window is very small so perhaps you are just missing it.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by seriously (6/13/11 5:21 PM) reply + / -
i haven't seen this toner cartridge either. but i think the reason you couldn't find the "sensors" is because there's no "sensors" on the toner cartridge itself!

the sensor (yes, only one sensor) is located on the inside walls (left and right hand sides) of the machine. one side has the LED and the other side the "optical sensor". light from the LED is shone through the 2 "windows" located near the bottom of the toner cartridge. if the optical sensor at the other side can see light, the cartridge is near empty.

so you are looking for 2 clear round windows on the toner cartridge. and you only need to cover one of the 2 windows, not both, as many posting had suggested.

and also you need to reset the flag gear too for it to work.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by nivek (edited 6/13/11 6:30 PM) reply + / -
Alright becuase this could go on forever. I looked in the MFC7460 service manual which uses the TN 450. These models do not use the conventinal toner sensor like other models. The toner level is detected through dot count detection and the number of revolutions of the developer roller. To extend the life of the toner set the machine to Continue Mode which will run the toner to its highest level deveoper revolution count at which the toner will stop to prevent leakage. Print quality can decline if you are using a high level of coverage. They do have the sensor flag for new toner detection. Dont know why the switched but Im guessing they are trying a different technology that might make it harder for people to refill cartridges or they might finally be sick of people constantly complaining at them about there toners not being empty when the cartridge calls for a new toner or third to lower the cost of making the machine, eleminate a part not needed.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (6/14/11 1:49 PM) reply + / -

Is it possible to continue using the toner by resetting the flag gear when the Toner END message comes up? Or does the other detection methods you mention prevent that as well?

I'm currently receiving the Replace Toner message but print quality is still find and it seems that there is still plenty of toner remaining.


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by seriously (6/14/11 4:10 PM) reply + / -
tim, this is the forth time you asked if resetting the flag gear would reset the toner cart. i'm surprised you haven't done it already :(

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by nivek (edited 6/14/11 7:40 PM) reply + / -
And it still goes on... Really I guess if it was my machine I would put it in continue mode till it told me the toner was out then try and reset the flag and see if it works and run it till the print quality started to decline. From what I read it sounds like if set to continue it will run till the next revolution count expires and you could keep doing so. Just it probably would get to the point sometime in the second cycle that you would be running a truely empty cart and nothing would be coming out. I've never tried this though. No one knew the answer to your original question so I looked the answer up and gave it to you. Never had the opportunity to try this theory. Probably never will either. Wait till it runs out try it and post your results maybe you can help some one in the future. If keeping your machine up and running so you dont loose faxes is important than I diffenently would invest in a new cart at this point for backup.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (6/16/11 2:21 PM) reply + / -

Could you explain what the developer revolution count is?


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by nivek (6/17/11 4:27 PM) reply + / -
Developer revolution count most likely refers to the number of rotations the developer mag roller, black roller you see on the outside of the toner, has turned. Like drums the rollers and cleaning blades inside the toner have duty cycles at which point they should be replaced. If you dont then they start to leak and print quality will decline. To answer your next question I dont know the exact number at which it stops and for future questions please ask the rest of the board becuase I'm not going to explain how everthing works. I think I've helped enough at this point.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (6/18/11 7:43 AM) reply + / -
Well I set the printer to continue mode and it ended up continuing to print until the output was faded. I also could notice that the roller was not completely coated in toner anymore.

So maybe it will actually print until you run out of toner instead of stopping early like many other printers. I will see how it works out with the full TN-450 toner.


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by BerkeleyBernie (8/24/11 12:49 PM) reply+4 + / -
This trick for other Brothers worked for me on our MFC 7460DN:

You can reset this internal value by:

1. Open the front toner compartment door.
2. Message reads "Front cover open."
3. Press the "Clear" button.
4. Message reads "Replace Drum?"
5. DO NOT respond to this. Instead, type in "*00" on the keypad.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Tim9710 (8/24/11 1:32 PM) reply + / -
BerkleyBernie - what did this reset? The replace toner message or end toner message?


Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by nivek (8/24/11 3:17 PM) reply + / -
Developer Counter reset function. Used to manually reset the toner cartridge if for instance the toner message doesn't reset when I new one is installed or if you run out of toner and the toner out message is never displayed.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by printerman60 (10/26/11 1:10 PM) reply + / -
there is no optical sensor on the TN 450/420 toners, as opposed to its TN 330/360. The reset gear tells the printer a 'new' toner is installed.
this printer is NOT made for long life. 50K pages
TN360 detects low level toner through the optical sensor (both side)

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by mdk (edited 1/13/12 10:21 AM) reply + / -
Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by BerkeleyBernie (8/24/11 12:49 PM)

This woiked like a charm!

Re: Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by MrReel (1/19/12 9:03 AM) reply + / -
I would love to try this but my printer has no keyboard to press 00. IT is a copy scanner only black and white only. Model DCP7065DN using TN450 toner. Starter toner exhausted and replaced with aftermarket toner. It appears to have the gears in which you guys refer. However, they annoying low toner messages show on computer and printer screen constantly. Given this is supposed to be an OEM replacement, I would figure that the new toner would reset the messages. I have tried all the methods mentioned here and the message still doesnt clear. Help

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by 17maestro (2/27/12 7:20 PM) reply + / -
Almost the same thing worked on my MFC 9440-CN which was reading "no toner" and not allowing me to print.

1. Partially open the front door to provide access to the toner cartridges. It is only open about 2 inches.
2. Hit the clear/back button to access the secret and incomprehensible menu
3. Use arrows buttons and OK to reset all 8 of the following options:
- B. TNR-S
- B. TNR-H
- C. TNR-S
- C. TNR-H
- M. TNR-S
- M. TNR-H
- Y. TNR-S
- Y. TNR-H
4. Resume your life with a functional printer....

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by boricuautuado (5/18/12 11:28 AM) reply + / -
I used 14 cartridges of replacement toner. Six worked out well but 8 of them produced a sound as "Tock", Tock", "Tock" and the printout was all messy or no print at all. It seemed as if the machine had trouble to move the roller of the cartridges. The same occured with the new replacement Drum ordered. Whats the proplem? I dont have that problem with other regular cartridges. My laser is a Brother HL2270DW.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by philly5706 (5/18/12 8:22 PM) reply + / -
Contrary to popular belief, all toner is NOT the same. Toner is formulated to the specific properties of each printer and copier. You can't expect toner made for one printer to work in another.
The importance of the laser printer cartridge cannot be overstated. There are 7 steps in the process and 5 of them happen inside the cartridge.



Re: Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by bellaciao (5/30/12 11:26 AM) reply+2 + / -
I just used your tip about "*00". It worked!! This is after spending the time to replace the flag gear, end cover and toner in my MFC-7860DW as instructed and still getting the dreaded "Replace Toner Cartridge" error message. Many Thanks!!!

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by CheckContinueMode (6/1/12 7:58 AM) reply + / -
I have a HL-2270. I tried covering all sorts of windows and it didn't work. Then I tried this and it worked!!!

From the Brother website:

To enable Continue Mode, please follow the steps below:

Press the GO button 7 times (quickly). All of the LEDs should flash twice, and the Ready LED should turn on. Continue mode is now enabled.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by BrotherUser (7/15/12 9:19 PM) reply+1 + / -
On the DCP-7065DN, you can resume printing after the "Replace Toner" message comes up by using the printer's menu.

Just go to "General Setup" -> "Replace Toner" and change the value from "Stop" to "Continue".

This should work for all toner cartridges (TN420, TN450, and even the starter cartridge).

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by bones06 (9/29/12 4:48 PM) reply + / -
I found something that worked on for my dcp7065dn. When all of the above failed I held the start button on while turning on the printer. It still says replace toner in a very annoying fashion but lets me print off copies and stuff from my PC while I use the last of the toner in the cartridge.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner - Brother HL-2240 Model by laurali228 (2/26/13 5:55 AM) reply + / -
This trick worked for me when the toner light was on and the printer refused to print anymore:

If you press GO 7 times quickly it will continue printing.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner - Brother HL-2240 Model by kenzie.f (3/1/13 11:19 PM) reply + / -
So it didn't work the first time, but after what would be considered button molestation (it's ok, it said 'GO!') it finally worked.
The printed pages look perfectly fine, you just need to play with it a little bit.
Thank goodness.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by chadWick (6/25/13 6:08 AM) reply + / -
Many thanks BerkleyBernie. Excellent fix. Now we're rollin'.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by dust (8/23/13 6:33 AM) reply + / -
Thanks BerkleyBernie, this worked for me, here it is again. I have 7860DW.

This trick for other Brothers worked for me on our MFC 7460DN:

You can reset this internal value by:

1. Open the front toner compartment door.
2. Message reads "Front cover open."
3. Press the "Clear" button.
4. Message reads "Replace Drum?"
5. DO NOT respond to this. Instead, type in "*00" on the keypad.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Nierka (2/22/14 5:47 PM) reply + / -
like MrReel i have DCP-7065DN and after toner refill and flag gear reset it still showed low toner message, thank for above help I managed to reset. this printed does not have key pad so I did next:
1. Open door. It says "Cover is Open".
2. Press "Clear" button. Message reads "Replace Drum".
3. Press "Start" button.
4. Press "Up" or "Down" arrow keys to select "00" and pres "OK" button.Message says "Accepted".
5. Close door and "low toner message disappeared".

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Bailey Shah (3/20/14 1:51 PM) reply + / -
For DCP 7065DN

This is what the Brother technician had me do just now when I replaced the toner cartridge with a new non-Brother cartridge and the Replace Toner message kept showing.

Open cover
Press Clear
["Replace Drum?" is displayed]. Do not press the up or down buttons.
Press Start
Press up arrow until display shows the number 12
Press OK
["Accepted" is displayed]

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Sudarshan (7/23/14 11:06 PM) reply + / -
Using '*00 worked'.
Thanks for the info.

Re: Brother HL-2280DW -- TN-450 Toner refill by dushanm (3/4/15 6:24 PM) reply + / -
After 491 printed pages my printer decided it was time to replace the toner cartridge. I decided to try the refill route, so took out the starter cartridge and discovered it had no reset gear. Reading this forum, the post by 'BrotherUser' showed how to switch the 'Replace Toner' response from 'Stop' to 'Continue'. This worked, but now I wonder whether I even need to get and install a reset gear. If I refill the cartridge when the printing starts getting iffy, does the reset Stop/Continue command do the same thing internally?

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by boricuautuado (3/5/15 4:32 PM) reply + / -
I would advice to watch video on Youtube , where you can watch or see by a demonstration how to reset the gear. Its the only way I know that works.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by dushanm (3/7/15 8:38 AM) reply + / -
Yes, I had already done that before even ordering the toner refill, and know how to do that. That's not the question. The question is, Do I even _need_ to do that? I suspect the answer is Yes, but can somebody verify?

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by moe (3/7/15 3:08 PM) reply + / -
The gear is a reset gear. Without the gear installed, the printer won't reset the toner supply. The stater cartridge comes without that gear to discourage refilling. You will have to purchase a gear and install it as that's the only way to reset it.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by Dushan (3/8/15 1:58 PM) reply + / -
Thanks, this is exactly what I wanted to know. I'll order a reset gear. I'll probably need to order one with a new cover, as the cover that came with the printer has fixed protrusions that look like those on the gears I saw on the videos.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by SamirD (3/13/15 7:39 AM) reply + / -
Anyone try this on a Brother MFC-8460N/8860DN? We've got several 'low toner' cartridges lying around that would probably be good for while.

Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by sue o (3/13/15 8:21 AM) reply + / -
This thread if for the TN450 toner so no, it will not work with your TN580 toner. Read the the threads and search for your cartridge. There is plenty of posts and the method to extend the toner for your cartridge.

Re: Re: Brother TN-450 Toner by SamirD (4/19/15 2:12 PM) reply + / -
I wasn't talking about the gear, but the keypress sequence on the panel. A lot of times they are the same even for different models.

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