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Samsung clx-3175 Out-bin full

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Samsung clx-3175 Out-bin full by FrancYescO (edited 5/13/10 9:07 AM) reply + / -
Hi some days ago i buyed this printer... today i opened the lateral panel for see how much big is the eeprom chip (yes i'm stupid)... remounted all but now the printer say "Out-bin full" but there is no paper in it!!

i'm sure all the cable are attached to the motherboard... anyone know what is the cable for this check? or how i can bypass it? if nothing i have to send it in assistance :(

Re: Samsung clx-3175 Out-bin full by FrancYescO (5/18/10 12:01 PM) reply + / -
...i solved unplugging the connetor from the motherboard

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