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reset samsung clp-310

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reset samsung clp-310 by ertulio (2/8/10 2:48 AM) reply + / -
Hi, i have samsung CLP-310, is possible to reset chip for refill and reuse the original cartridge?

Re: reset samsung clp-310 by Justwin (6/11/10 9:36 AM) reply + / -
Yes, you can buy a reset chip from Ebay that you solder onto the motherboard after removing a chip (depends on which version of reset chip you get). I bought one for my CLP-310, and it worked just fine. Cost is about $20-25 for the chip or you can get a kit with chip and toner for about $60.

The best way is probably to get a toner refill kit before the printer detects a low toner level. Dump the old toner out, refill it, and keep it topped up avoiding the need for the chip. As long as the printer doesn't sense the low level I think you can keep refilling it (?). Or so that's what one seller on Ebay mentioned.

The toner cartridges are easy to refill, but I find the toner fairly expensive for the amount you get on Ebay (only 50 gm for each of the colours!). You gently snap open the little cover, carefully pop out the cap, and fill away. You recap it, and the cover can be replaced as it has small latches. You might need to place a small dab of glue from a glue gun to help keep it in place at the locking point, but I've never had to do that.

The reset chip mod is a bit tricky to do, but if you're good at soldering and very careful it's not that bad. I accidentally pried too hard and popped one trace off the motherboard (oops!) which complicated things, but I managed to scrape away some of the epoxy elsewhere to solder the wire on. The trick is to not pry too much on the IC chip that you want to remove or else you might rip the trace off. These are surface mount chips so they are small! In hindsight, I wonder if I should have just cut the legs off the chip rather than try to desolder it. Oh well.

There are videos on Youtube which walk you through the disassembly of the CLP to get to the motherboard.

Re: reset samsung clp-310 by sinotar (10/19/10 5:59 PM) reply + / -
Does anyone have the value to the R1 next to U1 (24c64) ? I managed to take off the chip, but unfortunately the resistor, really really small one like a grain of salt, came off! I measured the one next to it, to be 2K, but can only assume that it is of the same value. This assumption is based of my search of programmers to the 24c64.


Re: reset samsung clp-310 by greenland46 (10/22/10 6:59 AM) reply + / -
Justwin or others to answer this query -

1. Do you get a low warning of toner, and therefore if you fill new toner in you don't need a reset chip?

2. I have been told its when you get an empty cart message that you need a new chip?

3. Which is correct (1) or (2) above?

4. Why do you empty the old toner out, before pouring new toner in?

Thanks David

Re: reset samsung clp-310 by ddaddy (1/23/11 10:57 AM) reply + / -
Anyone know the answers to the above?

Re: reset samsung clp-310 by janis007 (1/30/11 12:29 AM) reply + / -

Here's how how to use printer without chip, refil cartig and don't need mor chip, I tried its works.

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