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LexMark 4029 Error message - "service"

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LexMark 4029 Error message - "service" by Don Steiny (7/25/02 6:51 PM) reply + / -
My Lexmark 4029 just started with an error message that only says "sevice" - what is that

Re: LexMark 4029 Error message - by Anonymous (7/25/02 10:35 PM) reply + / -
got the same message with my laser optraM410
with an additional remark on fuser error.
Perhaps this is the solution to your problem:
The lamp my be damaged; the temperature needed
cannot be reached in this way. Otherwise contact
Lexmark support.

Best regards from a far-away customer in the Tyrol
Austria. Please reply to

Re: LexMark 4029 Error message - by moe (7/26/02 12:17 PM) reply + / -
That series usually give you a 9xx error. There is an error code page in our troubleshooting section. If it is a lamp, we stock them. Kind of hard to replace. There's also a 182 degree thermal fuse under the cover on top of the fuser. It could have overtemped and blown out. You'd need a meter to check it.

Re: LexMark 4029 Error message - by Rudolf Sailer (7/26/02 12:34 PM) reply + / -
Thanks a lot for your help. Sounds as if my laser
printer LEXMARK OPTRA M410 needed insepection
and proper service by an authorised serviceman.

Re: LexMark 4029 Error message - by Wolfgang Varga (8/11/02 7:51 AM) reply + / -
For error codes see:

regards, Wolfgang

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