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waste toner bin empty, but Ricoh says full

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waste toner bin empty, but Ricoh says full by HMNS (12/12/07 2:27 PM) reply + / -
We have several Ricoh CL3500N color laser printers. They have a waste toner bin where the (un)used toner powder is dumped.

Since the waste toner bins cost about $30, I was told to just manually empty them rather than buy new ones. No problem, just take 'em outside and get upwind while I dump it in a bag.

The problem is that the printer keeps throwing out a "replace waste toner" alert even though the bin is empty. I cannot find a way to clear this alert and hope someone can tell me how, or maybe at least tell me how the printer detects waste toner levels.


Re: waste toner bin empty, but Ricoh says full by HMNS (8/15/08 6:45 AM) reply + / -
Figured it out. There is a small patch of tape on one end of the WTB. It will be caked with toner if the WTB gets too full. It can be cleaned with some difficulty by using a long-stick cotton swab.

What's faster and easier is to peel that tape off and replace with a new patch of clear tape. Be sure to cut a smaller piece to lay with non-stick side in to the 'window' so toner doesn't stick to it.

Works like a champ.

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