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HP 4250, Error 60.02

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HP 4250, Error 60.02 by hometown (8/6/07 3:42 PM) reply + / -
Have been repairing printers for 10 years. want to be prepared
for service call 08/07/07 8am. Have wreck 4250 on shelf. What is
the likely parts and/or repair. Do apprciate any help prior to
the morning job. Thanks, Hometown Man.

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by moe (8/6/07 5:57 PM) reply + / -

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by istech (5/22/08 8:03 AM) reply + / -
If your printer is acting like mine; every thing seems to work fine, but once in a while, you hear a KLUNK-KLUNK shortly after the tray is closed and the paper is rising. Sometimes a 60.02 error is displayed.

Here is how I found my solution. I took the cover off the power switch side to see what was happening. I saw that after the tray is closed, the tray sometimes moves up over the gear that turns to raise the paper in place. That is the source of the KLUNKing noise!

I thought:"How can I stop this from happening?" I drilled a small hole through a metal plate and placed a screw that rests just above a plastic part that should have stopped the tray from rising. That did the trick! No more KLUNKS. No more 60.02 errors!

I took photos but I don't see how to post them here. I will forward them to you if you wish.

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by istech (12/3/08 5:56 AM) reply + / -

I posted the pictures at the above URL.


Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by CP8 (7/27/09 10:06 AM) reply + / -
I received the same 60.02 error. I also had the annoying and scary clunking sound on loading the tray. I fixed this by loosen up the paper in the paper tray. If the paper is packed too tightly, the printer spits out the 60.02 error. Adjust the slider in the paper tray so that there is a little gap.

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by Anonymous (7/27/09 7:47 PM) reply + / -
that code is lift motot for the paper tray, theres a spring on the lift motor that sometimes comes off or the wires to the motor sometime come unsortered.

Re: Re: Re: Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by Anonymous (8/14/09 8:27 AM) reply + / -
always check tray stop first. Easiest way is to swap trays out and see if problem reoccurs. I've had trap stops(the slider at back of tray) cause this these problems when they get broken.

Re: Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by Anonymous (10/5/09 6:21 PM) reply + / -
yes my dear i'm also facing the same problem, could u pls help me to give me details i mean poto inst guide


Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by moe (10/5/09 7:57 PM) reply + / -
Why dearie me, maybe you should have read the rest of the posts on this thread.

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by JralphJB (10/8/09 9:40 AM) reply + / -
I have a situation where the power switch on my HP 4240 is damaged and unable to turn on my printer. If this can be fixed, what's the best way to take off the side panel covering the switch? Are there any screws that need to be taken out, or are there any clips that need to be detached? Any help is appreciated.

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by moe (10/8/09 10:58 AM) reply + / -
You need to slide off the back cover. Then take out the 4 screws holding the top cover on. Just lift up on it to get it off the side cover. The cover is held in by some plastic latches, no screws. The ones on the front are a little tricky to unlatch.

Re: HP 4250, Error 60.02 by dmzcompute (10/8/09 4:26 PM) reply + / -
Not as easy as Moe says as more has to come off. Download instructions below:

HP 4250, Error 60.02 by Anonymous (4/24/10 6:27 PM) reply + / -
I am using the new 4250 printer 60.02 Error error here appears online I see you also like my error, but no images to follow, please send your pictures do the steps to his success as the home!
thank you!

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