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Dusty Density Sensor Help

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Dusty Density Sensor Help by rock (1/31/07 2:07 PM) reply + / -

I have a Xerox 6200 Phaser and all has been well until I turned it off for a weeks or so while I was away. Now I turn it on and get the message..

Dusty Density Sensor

I have cleaned it with a cloth and it is shiny but I still get the message.

I have done this a few times and made sure all was done right.

Any clues why it still won't work?



Re: Dusty Density Sensor Help by rock (1/31/07 4:31 PM) reply + / -
I decideed to change the Fuser Roller unit back to the previous one I had kept to see if that works and voila it does!

Both Fuser units showed okay in the web status check but obviously the newer one was no good or at least was dusty.

I shook it and alot of yellow toner came out as dust. I guess this is what the sensor caught.

I will get a vacuum and see if that gets it all out.

BTW I use the compatable toner which hasd been fine for the last year or so andf still is fine.


Re: Re: Dusty Density Sensor Help by Anonymous (2/14/07 3:35 AM) reply + / -
After a few prints it seems now both Transfer units don't work.

The one that didn't work still says Dusty Density even though I have cleaned it and the transfer roller unit thoroughly.

The other has stopped printing anything but no message about it.

The orange light flashes with both units but not printing, yet the printer info will print out fine.

It does say the Imaging unit is near dead. 10% life left.

Can anyone tell me waht in the Transfer unit is there that tells the printer it is dead or needs cleaning?

Any advice please?

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