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HP4000 13.20 Paper Jam - Check Rear Door Nightmare

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HP4000 13.20 Paper Jam - Check Rear Door Nightmare by Terry Rogers (5/8/06 2:09 AM) reply + / -
ok, heres the situation.

I purchased a second hand duplexer unit off eBay and installed on Friday, however, the power cable didn't have an angled head so I removed the Duplexer until I can get a better power cable.

Since removing the duplexer I keep getting the error

13.20 Paper Jam
Check Rear Door

I have been through the printer from top to bottom, I did find a tiny piece of paper near tray 1 which I removed, and I have also sprayed all the dust out using a sprayduster can.

Ive got the following from the event log ...

30 13.32.48

29 13.16.24

28 13.16.24

27 13.01.80

I have searched the web and find a lot of talk about checking sensors, however im uncertain what sensors I need to check and what they even look like.

Any one who can help me clear this error would be greatly appreciated!

Re: HP4000 13.20 Paper Jam - Check Rear Door Nightmare by Anonymous (5/9/06 1:24 PM) reply + / -
You need to remove fuser assy and check out the sensor back there as well as sensor arm on fuser. After removing fuser blow out that sensor back there. I have also had a faulty fuser cause this error.

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