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hp laserjet 4650n

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hp laserjet 4650n by stobby2 (4/14/06 10:28 AM) reply + / -
l have an error code of 51.22 on this machine. Usually 51.2 indicates a scanner fault i.e 51.2 and then a Y or C etc to indicate which colour scanner is at fault however this machine has 51.22 and l cannot find this error anywhere. Can anyone help Cheers Roger

Re: hp laserjet 4650n by Stephen (4/14/06 8:35 PM) reply + / -
The manual says Magenta.

Re: Re: hp laserjet 4650n by stobby2 (4/18/06 9:13 AM) reply + / -
cheers steven. l will have a look if l can get it apart, first one l have looked at and doesn't look easy to get to the scanners, is there a download manual available or have you any tips. Thanks again roger

Re: hp laserjet 4650n by craigmartin (11/1/06 4:35 AM) reply + / -
I have the same error code on a Laserjet 4650n...the 51.22 error code is not in the manual. Can you advise if you fixed the problem. The printer has a generic yellow cartridge, but the machine sees it as genuine hp...Printer will not come to ready or print any tests, just display a 51.22 code. thanks for the help

Re: hp laserjet 4650n by Stephen (11/1/06 5:08 AM) reply+1 + / -
Refer to my earlier post in this thread.

My manual has that code.

The scanners are relatively easy to change.

You must run calibrate now, (4600), or Full calibrate now, (4650), after you replace a scanner.

Re: hp laserjet 4650n by craigmartin (11/1/06 7:37 AM) reply + / -
thanks for the reply. I have never replaced the scanner before. Do all 4 come in a set or do I order one and replace individually until the error code is eliminated? Thanks for your assistance, and pardon my ignorance!

Re: hp laserjet 4650n by craigmartin (11/7/06 1:51 PM) reply+1 + / -
replacing laser scanner rg5-7475-000 for magenta fixed the problem...thanks...

Re: hp laserjet 4650n by Stephen (11/7/06 3:28 PM) reply + / -
You can prove the scanner is failing by moving the scanner cables around on the DCC, they get a little tight, but I've done it.

The scanners come by the each for this machine, they are all the same part number, they work in the 4610 & 4650 series printers.

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