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LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error

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LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by beetle717 (3/14/06 12:57 PM) reply + / -
I have an HP Laserjet 8150n model printer that has the error 50.1 fuser error. I have replaced the fuser and the low voltage power supply and am hoping someone here can help me with what the next step needs to be. Thanks to all

Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by kbomb (3/19/06 4:44 PM) reply + / -

You've got a fuser error and the #1 means a Low Fuser temperature.


Make sure Fusing Assembly is installed correctly and is fully seated into its connectors (no bent pins or pins outside their receptacles).

Reseat or replace the fuser cable assembly. OR ........

Replace the DC Controller.

Since you've done a few things already, try the last one.

Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by dmzcompute (3/19/06 6:44 PM) reply + / -
Sometimes just looking in the service manual is not enough. I myself have never seen the dc controller give a 50.1 error even though that is the last thing in the service manual. Of course the manual makes no mention of the low voltage ps. I think just about every 50.1 error I have seen has been caused by the low voltage ps. My first question would be where did you get the lvps from. My reason for asking is I have seen a few replacments that just did not work. In fact hp has a service note regarding the 50.1 error and it covers most 8150s. If you click on the link by my name I will forward a copy to you. In order to get service you will have to call an authorized hp service provider, but it should be covered under the service note to include parts and labor as long as it is the lvps. At least let the hp tech diagnose the issue since he will have direct contact with hp tech support who will tell him to replace the lvps. The only other issue is make sure you have at least 15 amps on the power side and the printer is on its own dedicted line. I have heard of instances where when the voltage drops due to other equipment on the line it can cause a 50.1 error.

Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Kindredtech (4/21/06 6:16 AM) reply + / -
Hi, I understand you know something about the 50.1 error.
Would you please send my any and all information you have on the 50.1 error? and the lvps issue?
I would love a copy if you have it on hand.


Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by dmzcompute (4/21/06 4:10 PM) reply + / -
Use the link by my name to email me so I can then forward the item to you. This site no longer provides a direct email link to the poster so either email me with the link or post or email address in the body of the thread.

Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by John S. (2/6/08 2:56 PM) reply + / -
Does anybody know if HP is still covering the LVPS under an extended warranty?



Re: Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Russ Blakeman (2/6/08 5:05 PM) reply + / -
Nope it expired quite a while ago. I simply repair them for my local customers with only 1 being in need of a replacement (customer failed to mention a lightning strike).

Re: Re: Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by dmzcompute (2/6/08 6:25 PM) reply + / -
Over the years I have two ways the lvps goes south. The first and most desireable is when the I think Q600 transistor gets a cold solder joint on the middle pin. If you remove the lvps and then remove the board from the metal case and flip it over it is very easy to see as the power transistors are all in a line on one side. If the middle pin, just resolder and you are good to go. If on the other hand the power transistor on the end has two cold solder joints, that one as blown and resoldering will not help as that transistor needs to be replaced. I fix the first type myself and get replacements for the other on exchange from, or

Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Anonymous (6/23/08 7:12 AM) reply + / -
Can you please email the instructions on how to replace the LVPS.
Thanks for all your assistance.

Re: Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Anonymous (6/23/08 10:40 AM) reply + / -
1. Remove the back cover. (The right side back cover may come with it.)

2. Disconnect cables coming from the LVPS. (long ass'y on bottom)

3. Remove fan & housing on the right side.

4 Remove four or five screws securing the LVPS.

5. You may have to remove the fan on the left end of the LVPS ass'y to use on the replacement.

6. Done

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Anonymous (3/24/10 7:38 PM) reply + / -
Where do you purchase your replacement transitors. My transistor was the one on the end, two legs blew.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser by John S. (3/25/10 3:45 PM) reply + / -
I don't recall which vendor I ordered from but you might try either Mouser Electronics or Digi-Key. Google either vendors name for their web site.

Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Michael G. (4/27/10 11:33 AM) reply + / -
Do you know the part number of the transistor? Mine just reads "K1671" and when I search for that part, I get one mosfet with a different part number, as well as one with the part number '2SK1671' Please let me know what part number you replace with. Thank you!

Re: LaserJet 8150n 50.1 fuser error by Warbird (4/28/10 11:28 AM) reply + / -
At the present time I'm not at work to look up the information, but when I have time I'll look into it.


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