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Brother MFC 8220 Fuser Open - error fails to clear

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Brother MFC 8220 Fuser Open - error fails to clear by DougCollin (edited 10/20/05 5:40 PM) reply + / -

I have a Brother MFC Printer/Fax/Copy/Scanner 8220. The machine has worked flawlessly for years, then I moved it across the county. It was packed extremely well and since I moved it myself I know it was not banged around by a careless moving company.

Now I have the following error: "Fuser Open - Please close the jam clear cover". I have refered to my manual and this cover is on the back of the unit and one slides the cover to the left to allow the cover to swing down and gain acces to one of the rollers.

I have open and closed the cover many times in an effort to get some sort of limit switch to "make up" but have not yet gotten the error to clear. Prior to this time I have never opened this cover, didn't even know it was there. When it closes everything appears to click into place properly making me wonder if this is not some sort of software/firmware problem. I don't see any way to reset the factory defaults but would be willing to do this if it were possible.

Any help getting this error to clear would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Brother MFC 8220 Fuser Open - error fails to c by tibbs1966 (10/30/05 5:13 PM) reply + / -
More than likely the ejection sensor is jammed. That or the rear cover sensor switch is dislodged.

Shouldn't take much to fix it but a service center would probably be a good idea (unless you're "screwdriver saavy").

Re: Re: Brother MFC 8220 Fuser Open - error fails to c by Anonymous (10/30/05 6:55 PM) reply + / -
Thanks for your reply... Wouldn't you know it, I plugged the thing in this morning for the first time in a week and it worked just fine. Hate things like this because I never know if/when it will freak out on me again. Oh well.

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