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HP LJ 5000 52.0 printer error

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HP LJ 5000 52.0 printer error by Nickkhaing (9/3/05 5:30 AM) reply + / -
Pls help me with my HP LJ 5000N - POST ok, printer ready, when trying to print information - it stops just after picking up the paper with 52.0 Printer Error - power cycle to continue.

Re: HP LJ 5000 52.0 printer error by dmzcompute (9/3/05 6:29 AM) reply + / -
That error is a laser/scanner assembly. All you can do is remove the top cover and reseat the cables going to the assembly. If that does not help the laser/scanner will need to be replaced. You can download the service manual from the reference section on this site.

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