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Lexmark E330

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Lexmark E330 by Leocm (4/28/05 9:43 AM) reply + / -
Hi everybody, how can i reset my photo conductor kit in lexmark E330 printer. Itīs stops after 40.000 pages. The kit is too expensive.
TIA, Leo

Re: Lexmark E330 by cois (11/6/08 4:28 AM) reply + / -
Hi Leocm
To reset your printer's photoconductor, when printer is switched on and standing still as if in ready mode, open the front door, then press and hold down the stop button until the lights start flashing. Release the button and close the door. Then press the continue button to print the SETUP page, and under Cartridge information on that page, it will show you if your Photoconductor is OK. Try that, I hope it works

Re: Lexmark E330 (+ E250 E350 Dell 1700 Dell 1720) by printadocta (4/1/09 4:18 PM) reply + / -
But DO remember that ....

1) The photoconductor unit also collects the waste toner in this printer. The waste toner 'box' is tiny, and I've seen them absolutely full even though the photoconductor hasn't done any where near its full 'rated' life. Poor quality remanufactured toner cartridges (or poor toner used by 'home refillers') could be responsible for that.

2) The photoconductor unit carries the PCR (Primary Charge Roller) - a caramel coloured roller. The coating of this deteriorates over time (and pages printed) and if you wipe it, you'll ruin it, then have to replace the photoconductor unit anyway, because you ca't buy the PCRs for this printer.

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