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HP4100 Toner Problem

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HP4100 Toner Problem by aiden grace (5/31/04 1:02 AM) reply + / -
HP 4100 has orginal toner fitted and keeps flashing NON HP Toner DETECTED. I have tried new orginal C8061X but the message is the same.

Re: HP4100 Toner Problem by dmzcompute (5/31/04 8:08 AM) reply + / -
I have seen this on many occasions when people think the toner is original becasue it has the hp label on it, but in fact it is a refill. The 4100 toner has a chip on it which can not be reset, so when the cartridge is refilled it will still work by hitting the go button, but the message will come on. Only other thing which can be wrong is the contacts which read the chip are very dirty or defective.

Re: HP4100 Toner Problem by Trev Pearson (5/31/04 10:07 AM) reply + / -
Try pressing the Green button, the printer should continue with the job.

Re: HP4100 Toner Problem by jon (5/31/04 12:06 PM) reply + / -
The chip itself is mounted on the top, front, center of the cartridge. It's a small rectangular black plastic piece about 1" X 2". There are no contacts to it. It uses RF to transmit data to the printer. If it says non HP cartridge, it would mean the chip was missing. Otherwise, it would just give you an empty indication.

Re: HP4100 Toner Problem by aiden grace (6/1/04 12:53 AM) reply + / -
it works ok when you press the green button.

the chip is their I will now look at the connection inside the machine

thank you

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