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Dark Pages on Brother

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Dark Pages on Brother by Gerry Clarke (11/7/03 2:45 PM) reply + / -
I have a Brother 1440 which has printed about 10000 pages. The whole page is now light grey. This came on gradually and is getting worse.
I have just replaced the drum only, from a kit. There is no difference on the pages. What can I do? Gerry Clarke

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (11/8/03 7:56 AM) reply + / -
Make sure the printer is clean...special attn to contacts. Possibly rec'd defective drum...Brother's drums aren't that great!

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Mike B (11/8/03 2:16 PM) reply + / -
Thanks for the replies Guys. I replaced only the cylindrical drum. Not the whole drum unit as sold by Brother. (Too expensive, better to buy a new printer). I got a new brand-X drum ($50)and cleaned out the drum unit thoroughly, except for the transfer roller. The instructions say don't vacuum that unless you have a "Statically grounded Vacuum cleaner" whatever that is! Could it be lack of voltage on the corona wire? Also, I'm almost out of toner, any conection?

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by dmzcompute (11/8/03 7:09 PM) reply + / -
I am not a Brother person, however, when I work on Lexmark printers I have noticed if the drum is exposed to light for too long you will get that grey sheen on pages printed. Usually keeping the drum unit in the machine overnight will correct the problem. Hope this is what is your problem.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (11/8/03 7:49 PM) reply + / -
If "Brand X" is a reman, forget it...the only Brother drums I've seen successfully remanned are the TN460/560. You need a new drum and toner. A dirty transfer roller will only cause a defect on the back-side of the page...other wise a defective one causes light print.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Spin2 (11/9/03 1:14 AM) reply + / -
It has nothing to do with your drum. If you have a grey background than it's ALWAYS your toner that is empty.
If you keep printing with an empty toner, than the background is getting darker and darker. Then it's possible that you damage your drum-unit.
So change your toner and clean the drum-unit.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Mike B (11/9/03 11:13 AM) reply + / -
Sorry spin2 it is always a drum unit for gray pages on a Brother.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Gerry Clarke (11/9/03 11:55 AM) reply + / -
I checked about replacing the "Brother DR400 Drum Unit" Office MAX has it for $175.
On the next shelf they have a
BRAND NEW BROTHER 1440 for $179.95.
Which would you buy buddy?
Or maybe not a BROTHER at all!
Gerry Clarke

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (11/9/03 3:02 PM) reply + / -
Do you get the feeling Brother wants to sell printers and not supplies?

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Bri_Tech (11/18/03 4:28 AM) reply + / -
Sorry mike b and spin2 you are both right and both wrong........on earlier machines with a toner cart that just contained toner ie TN100,TN200 and TN300, the grey background was caused by the drum. On later machines where the toner is also the dev TN6600, the grey background is invariably the toner and sometimes new toners can be faulty. The HL1440 falls into this category.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Tom Manion (11/26/03 6:41 AM) reply + / -
My 1440 makes a clacking sound when starts up, usually 2 or three in row, and the first document print has dark pages. Then it straighten out until the next start up? Any ideas what is wrong? thanks.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (11/26/03 9:00 AM) reply + / -
Was anything done to the printer just prior to this? Try reseating the drum/toner unit.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by JERRY (12/2/03 1:10 PM) reply + / -

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Evan (12/7/03 5:42 PM) reply + / -
I have an HL-1440 that has the same symptoms as everyone above; it started out great but now has a light gray background on everything I print. It sounds like the TN-430 cartridge I have is the problem. Is there a non-defective cartridge I can use in this printer? I don't want to get a new TN-430 if it's going to have the same problem again. Thanks.

Dark and Light lines or missing lines by tom (12/14/03 7:47 AM) reply + / -
Hello all,

I have an HL1440 and it is printing some lines light, some dark and some missing. Do you think it is caused by the drum unit? I tried replacing the toner and it didn't fix the problem.


Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Gerry Clarke (12/16/03 9:19 AM) reply + / -
Thanks everybody for your replies. Especially Spin2! You were right, I finally got around to buying a new TN430 toner kit. I thoroughly cleaned all the inside of the printer and installed the new toner. Now WHOOPEE no more dark pages. The replacement drum cylinder I installed earlier works fine. I got it on EBAY (under $50) from 'Pro-Saver Inc.' not Brother. Probably the old drum was actually OK.
Hope this experience helps somebody.
Gerry Clarke

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by MikeO (1/14/04 6:34 AM) reply + / -
1440 grey pages... Read the above and I didn't believe the toner as faulty as only replaced a few months ago, but after buying a new drum (megabucks) and it didn't cure it I bought a new TN6300 toner cartridge.

1st page out - clean as a whistle!!

I guess, like many, I thought - well loads of toner being dumped on the page there must be plenty of toner left, evidently this is not the case - don't know where all the grey comes from though!

Morale is - buy a new toner cartridge before a drum unit.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (1/30/04 1:58 AM) reply + / -

Hi all,

I currently have the same problem as described above (light gray background) on a HL-1470N. The printer is only a year and a half old with original drum and toner cartridge.

I am surprised that with only 1300 or so pages printed, the cartridge should be empty already. Brother claims that TN-6300 cartridges should last approx. 3000 pages. I know it all depends on what you print, but still, you don't use a laser printer for B&W art photo, do you ?

Hopefully, the drum isn't involved, in spite of the numerous negative user comments posted on the zdnet HL-1440 review.

As to where the grey comes from, I have read that Brother toner cartridges include a wasted toner bin, which means that if the bin is full then you get the gray background.

In other words, it would mean that if you get gray background, well it happens on a cartridge that already has some use, I think we all agree on this, but :

it is not because the cartridge is empty but rather because it becomes full ! Funny isn't it ?

I am wondering if by emptying the bin some way or other, or even by recycling the wasted toner we could get more from a cartridge. Some people say that wasted toner has lost its electrostatic features, but I haven't checked it. I am still with my first TN-6300 cartridge (not for long anymore).



Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (1/30/04 5:46 AM) reply + / -

Well, here is an update with my "grey background" problem on a "nearly new" HL-1470N Brother printer.

I have purchased a new toner cartridge, TN-6600, which cost me about 87 EUR, and after installing it, it seems to be all working OK. White pages again, thanks God.

The down side : I am pretty sure that the former cartridge still has enough toner for 1600 more pages (to get to the 3000 pages expected capacity). I have read that in insisting to use bad toner (the one that gives grey pages) you may affect the drum life, but I don't really know where the truth is... I would need some rock solid arguments to convince myself.

BTW, regarding my previous post, I also need to post the following update :

I have read (again, yes, I know, I searched quite a bit) that the wasted toner from the OPC (the drum) actually is recycled inside the Brother toner cartridge (which apparently is not the case for many other brands), so that after a few cycles between the cartridge and the drum, the toner loses its electrostatic features, which leads to grey background.

As it is virtually impossible to sort out the remaining good powder from the wasted one, you have to throw your cartridge away, even though it has good toner left.

Any comments ?

En Vano

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Phil Mc (1/30/04 3:07 PM) reply + / -

Yes, the TN-460 (or TN-6600) cartridge does include the development unit.

I don't see why it SHOULD then cause gray background.

BTW, aren't all laser printers based on the xerographic process ?

En Vano.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Phil Mc (1/31/04 11:41 AM) reply + / -
Most of our copiers (Konica) recycle the toner and paper dust causes problems as it builds up in the developer. Phil Mc

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (1/31/04 11:50 AM) reply + / -

Yes, I have noticed that the roller of the developer is white stained, unlike the the new one.

Maybe a thorough cleansing of the roller could solve the issue...

En Vano.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Chuck King (2/18/04 6:41 PM) reply + / -
I believe En Vano discovered the key when he said "the wasted toner from the OPC (the drum) actually is recycled inside the Brother toner cartridge..." I replaced my DR-400 drum -- still dark gray. Then I replaced my half-full TN-460 with a new TN-430 -- perfect prints immediately.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (2/19/04 1:06 AM) reply + / -
Hi Chuck,

I am glad you solved your dark grey problem.

BTW, how many copies did you make with the former drum ? I think you could have avoided a drum purchase :-( .

Also, if you read the Brother User Manual, they also say that in case of grey pages, you first have to change the toner cartridge... I know it's hard to believe when you don't know about the reason, and you are with a cartridge still half full.

Now, I don't think Brother printers are so bad devices. In my own country (I live in France), there are so many around : local administrations, local police, town hall, doctors, etc...

En Vano

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (2/19/04 1:13 AM) reply + / -
I am also wondering what may affect the toner features.

Is it only the fact of having it travelling between the drum and the toner cartridge, or are there any other factors, like ambient moisture or whatever ?

In other words, was I right to purchase a TN-6600 (TN-460) cartridge instead of a small one if I don't print a lot ?

En Vano

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (2/19/04 1:13 AM) reply + / -
I am also wondering what may affect the toner features.

Is it only the fact of having it travelling between the drum and the toner cartridge, or are there any other factors, like ambient moisture or whatever ?

In other words, was I right to purchase a TN-6600 (TN-460) cartridge instead of a small one if I don't print a lot ?

En Vano

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Nancy (2/21/04 9:12 AM) reply + / -
I have two Brother lasers that I have had for quite a while. The toner that comes in a new Brother is not a full capacity cartridge, but rather a demo so you wouln't get as many prints.

Hope this helps,


Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (2/21/04 9:40 AM) reply + / -
You may be right Nancy, but still, the cartridge that came with my printer did have the original TN-6300 label on it. If it's not a full capacity printer in spite of the label, I think it really wily from Brother...

En Vano.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (2/21/04 9:41 AM) reply + / -
You may be right Nancy, but still, the cartridge that came with my printer did have the original TN-6300 label on it. If it's not a full capacity printer in spite of the label, I think it really wily from Brother...

En Vano

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Joe Gendeloff (2/25/04 8:06 AM) reply + / -
I have experienced the same problem as all of you folks; having a grey film-type effect printed on the sheet. At first, there were a number of black streaks on every page. Now I have owned my Bro. HL 1440 for just under a year, have not printed even 500 sheets on it, and have had this problem. There was a period of time when the printer just sat inactive. To correct the black streaks, I took a soft cloth, dabbed it in alcohol, and wiped the film-like roller inside the drum unit. (Streaks on said roller seemed to marry up to the image on the printed sheets.) Now, I am just feeding blank stock through the printer (no actual printing is involved). The end result so far is that all I am getting is the gray coating. It would seem there may be some toner stuck to another roller inside the drum unit. It doesn't appear that the drum unit is really serviceable. I am inclined to think that I may need to purchase a new drum unit, or just live with the bad results. By the way, I have found NEW Brother DR 400 drum units on for around $95.00! As opposed to the retail price for about $150.00 .
Any thoughts of comments to this headache would be appreciated.

Joe Gendeloff
Hatfield, PA

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by nancy (2/25/04 10:30 AM) reply + / -
Grey background means you are low on toner. Get a new toner refil and the problem should clear up.


Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Bret (3/22/04 10:23 AM) reply + / -
We have over ten Brother HL-1440 printers in our business. We have had four of them with the gray background problem. In every case the problem occurred when the cartridge was new or almost new. Replacing each of these cartridges immediately fixed the problem in every case. Brother is replacing the defective cartridges under warranty.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Robert Konza (3/29/04 8:15 AM) reply + / -
Today I replaced the toner cartridge on my HL-1440 and the gray background problem disappeared.
Although I had the HL for 2 years, I'll bet I did't print more than 1500 pages on the original cartridge (TN-430, rated @3000 pps.) From the previous threads I got conflicting msgs whether the toner cartridge replacement would resolve the problem but it did. Good luck.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (3/29/04 9:21 AM) reply + / -
I think we should put this one to rest...all those who said change the toner are right in this instance...I was wrong (thinking in terms of the older Brother system) Where Brother used to have drum and developer together, with separate toner, they now have toner and developer together with separate drum. The common denominator for this problem, (backgrounding, gray scale, gray background...whichever you prefer to call it), is the is what causes the problem. that the developer process is in the toner, that is what needs replacing.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (3/29/04 1:11 PM) reply + / -

You may be right in blaming the developer, Ken. But what is going wrong with it, then ? And could it be renewed, cleaned, or whatever ? As several people said previously, - and I did also -, I have only printed about 1300 copies with a cartridge that should give me 3000. And I bet that my cartridge is still half-full of (good ?) toner. I just wish I could use this toner.

En Vano.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (3/29/04 3:32 PM) reply + / -
Welcome to the world of Brother! At least these particular toners can be remanufactured, but it still needs to be done properly (materials and equipment, replacement - dev roller) I don't reman myself, but I do sell reman, but only from a quality company. If Moe still has the time and reviews these posts...I'm sure he can explain it much better than me and in simpler terms. If you really want to know the in's & out's of these type of problems, you can go to some reman supplier sites like Static Control Components or Future Graphics where they even give instructions for remanning. Me, I don't have time for it...easier to buy from someone who knows what they're doing and stick to what I no best...repairing and selling!

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Carter (4/4/04 4:49 PM) reply + / -
This topic fixed mine in less than 5 minutes. I googled "HL 1440 drum dark" and hit this site first. I had replaced the drum due to black streaks. But after installing the OEM drum per instructions, the streaks went away, but the background was dark. After reading this topic I changed the toner as well.
Prints like brand new.
Thanks all

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Jeanne (4/15/04 2:55 PM) reply + / -
My friend just changed the toner cartridge on our Brother HL-1440 and now we get black pages. Previous to changing the toner cartridge we started to get black streaks on our pages. The toner cartride was a remannede brother TN-460. What should our next step be.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Jeanne (4/15/04 3:08 PM) reply + / -
My friend just changed the toner cartridge on our Brother HL-1440 and now we get black pages. Previous to changing the toner cartridge we started to get black streaks on our pages. The toner cartride was a remannede brother TN-460. What should our next step be.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Bret (4/16/04 5:49 AM) reply + / -
Jeanne, return the toner cartridge for another one while it's still within the warranty period. I don't know of anyone that has been able to fix one that has this problem. If it happens again with the replacement cartridge, then demand your money back.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Biffster (4/16/04 10:37 AM) reply + / -
Y'all are the best! I was given a Brother 1440 for free because the previous owner couldn't fix the gray page printing problem. I figured that, even if I couldn't fix it, a free laser printer is still a free laser printer. Lo and behold, once I followed the advice here and popped in a new toner cartridge, the printer printed perfectly. So I basically received a 1440 for $50.

I can live with that!

Thanks to everyone who worked on the problem and found the solution. You made my year!

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Hong Kong (4/18/04 2:40 AM) reply + / -
I have the same problem with my Brother 1450. And after replaced the toner TN-6600, and the gray background gone. But I found that the old toner still have a lot of toner powder.
From the design point of view of the printer, every print the toner powders will attract by the drum of electricity charge, and only print out some powder to the paper. The remain powder will recycle back to the toner housing. After lot of this process, the toner powder will became old (may be lose some electrical charge or chemical property), so when replace a new toner (actually is replace the new toner powder), the gray page problem will be solve.
So, I think if we can find some new toner powder for Brother Printer, than the problem could fix and price will be much cheaper than replace a whole toner TN-6600.
I am now trying to find the new toner powder to test and prove my assumption. And will post the result to share with all of you.
Hope this could help.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by filmfiu (4/18/04 5:36 AM) reply + / -
Hong Kong.
I came to this page because my Brother 1030 is putting a light grey background on my prints.The posts have really helped and I thank you all. A website offers a solution to your toner problem. They have a product named RX055 for $40 that provides the same amount of toner (240gr) as the HighYield TN460 (twice that of the TN430!)Good Luck...

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by KenC (4/18/04 10:53 AM) reply + / -
Just "refilling" versus full and proper "remanufacturing" is looking for trouble. In this case (as there is no OPC drum), you may get away with it once or even twice. I hope you have a good toner vac and a know-how on getting into the guts of the printer after your first toner spill! :)

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Denton (4/19/04 8:43 PM) reply + / -
I have had my 1440 for over 2 years now. I have had the grey background problem twice now. Both times a new toner fixed the problem immediately. I have printed around 2000 pages and I am still on my original drum. I think that the TN-430 will give me a better price per page because the problem seems to depend on the age of the toner more than sheets printed.

I opened up the original TN-430 and it seemed to have a lot of toner left in it. I HIGHLY recommend replacing your toner first even if it is NOT empty. It has solved the problem twice for me now.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (4/20/04 12:42 AM) reply + / -

"The gray problem would depend on the age of the toner rather than the amount of pages printed"...

That is also what I fear...


Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Chris (4/20/04 11:47 AM) reply + / -
The grey pages or shading all over the page is definetly the toner cartridge running out, it is nothing to do with the drum unit, I have tested hundreds of these cartridges, the TTN6600 cartridge also has a design fault in which it will only use about 150g of the 240g of toner it has in it.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (4/20/04 11:59 AM) reply + / -

What makes you say the design of the TN-6600 is faulty ?

En Vano

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Bret (4/20/04 12:17 PM) reply + / -

The grey background is not "definetly the toner cartridge running out". I have had several toners that were virtually new exhibit this problem. Replacing them with another new toner cartridge did solve the problem. I do agree that the drum has nothing to do with the issue. My best guess about the root cause of this problem is that the toner may be getting contaminated with moisture. We have pretty high humidity here in Georgia. I'd be curious to know if anyone in low humidity areas like Arizona have had these problems.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by En Vano (4/20/04 12:29 PM) reply + / -

Although not proven (yet), I also like the moisture contamination hypothesis.

I am just wondering if leaving a "faulty" cartridge some time in a drying chamber (industrial or lab, or whatever) with filling cap off would help regenerate the toner.

Maybe a couple days in some sunny summer hot and dry air would also act !

En Vano.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Chris (4/24/04 3:45 PM) reply + / -
The cartridge has a circular window on each side, when the toner level falls below this the printer detects toner empty, what causes this false empty message is the internal paddle in the cart which turns the toner which is still in it, but as it turns it takes the toner with it up out of the beam of the toner low sensor causing the empty cart problem, a full cart weighs approx 860grams, OEM will usually allways stop about 710-730g leaving approx 50-80g of toner still in the cart.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Chris (4/24/04 4:03 PM) reply + / -
Moisture contaminaton,

Some OEM toner cart will still give some slight grey shading usually dow right hand side of page, this is nothing to do with moisture contamination as I have already tested this theory, the main problem which causes this is the foams under the pressure roller and sometimes the pressure roller itself.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Ron (4/26/04 3:00 PM) reply + / -
I have been refilling toner cartridges for years on several brand name printers and the only cartridges I have had nightmares with is the TN430/TN460.

It is imperative that you remove all old toner from these cartridges before refilling them with new toner. I found the Metro Data Vac a real handy vacuum cleaner for cleaning toner cartridges.

Toner in the cartridge is electrically charged and you WILL run into trouble when you add the new toner to the remaining old toner. Results will vary from a grey film to streaks of black on the output.

Personally I have had mostly bad experiences with Brother laser printers, except maybe with the HL-1040 which is still a reliable and cheap printer. At some point though I was spending so much time on troubleshooting the Brother lasers that my wife claimed I was married to my Brothers and had an affair with her...

That's why I changed to the HP LaserJet 2200 years ago and I am still happy with that one. In stead of buying a new toner cartridge for around $95 at OfficeDepot I buy toner online in bulk rate - a 22 lbs container of just toner for $150 (which comes down to about $5 per refill). I buy the empty C4096A toner cartridges for this printer either from companies or on Ebay, sometimes for as low as a few dollars.

I mean, we're talking a real cheap and dependable printer here. No more Brothers for me.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by hptech (1/6/05 8:06 AM) reply + / -
i posted a message a while back concerning this issue, about the gray background , saying that it is an exposure problem, i forgot however to explain further,and how i came to the conclusion, if your cartridge is almost empty it will be gray, the exposure problem is if you have replaced both drum and cartridge and you still get a gray back ground, it happens if you work somewhere with alot of flourescent light like a well lit shop. it takes while for the "photonic" charge to wear off, thats why drum units always ship in those light safe bags, so they dont get overcharged with light. im sorry i didnt specify this before, i came to this conclusion because since we remanufacture hp cartridges we have equipment to test the drums to see how long and how much of a charge they will hold, like i said the brother drum is quite sensitive and holds the charge longer than others , the drawback is that they wear out sooner. i beat my head of my work bench several times after replacing both drum unit and toner cartridge only to keep getting gray pages. but if i ran about 200 prints they would be clean. then an old copier repairman(about 15 years expierience) told me thats how all the older drums use to be, and now only the cheaper ones were so crappy. so i apologize for not making myself clear before

Re: Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Anonymous (1/18/05 10:41 AM) reply + / -
" with original drum and toner cartridge. "
the original toner cartridge contain less toner so therefore you can't print as many copy as they say.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Daniel (1/29/05 9:27 PM) reply + / -
I have a brother HL1440. When I print I get black and white vertical streaks running up and down the page. I have printed 500 pages and am still on my initial cartridge. I pulled out the toner cartridge and noticed the lines on my pages matchup to the lines on the roller on the toner cartridge. Cleaning this roller makes no difference. The drum doesnt appear to be effected.

What can I do?? Thanks so much for your help!

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Franklin (2/6/05 12:19 PM) reply + / -
Conclusions for everyone:
Never buy the TN460.
Only buy the TN430 when needed, and prefer ones newly manufactured or recently remanufactured.
The cheapest printer to buy is not always the cheapest to own.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Joel (2/19/05 5:14 AM) reply + / -
I am experiencing the "grey" background problem on my HL-1470. After reading this page, I have decided to try and replace the toner cartridge to see if that takes care of the problem. I will update here with the results. I thank everyone who has contributed here, as it helps so many of us who are experiencing similar problems but find the manufacturer to be less than helpful in resolving our issues.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Greg (2/21/05 4:00 PM) reply + / -
Toner Yield is normally always quoted using a 5% coverage. If you print at a 10% coverage you will only get half of the rated yield. If you want to know what 5% looks like get a sheet of paper and create an even grid pattern so there is 100 boxes. Colour in 5 of them that is 5%. It is not mutch approx 4 postage stamps of solid black. It is very unlikely that you will EVER get the rated life out of a cartridge as the rated life is of a coverage a lot lower that typical coverage of a printed page.

I have also heard a rumor that the Brother drums have a cleaning cycle that is done after every print job and is counted towards your drum page count so a 20000 page drum could realy only deliver 10000 pages(if all you print is single pages). The cleaning cycle does not clean after every page just every print job. i.e. if you print 10 pages it will be followed by 1 clean.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by playsguitar87 (4/6/05 6:45 AM) reply + / -
I work in an office where we use our Brother Laser Printer a lot! We have a Brother HL-1440! And at random times it will print vertical black streaks on the pages! Like maybe 3 out 100! It isn't a lot! But it is becoming worse! What do yall suggest? Should we replace the cartridge? Should I clean the rollers? What do I need to do? Thanks!

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by coopersinc (4/14/05 9:36 AM) reply + / -





Re: Dark Pages on Brother by kf (4/21/05 8:30 AM) reply + / -
My HL 1440 has printed great till this morning now the front of the page is black and the back is grey. Is the toner bad?

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by barb in minneapolis (6/23/05 10:32 AM) reply + / -
I get the dark pages and the drum light is on? What is the likelihood that just replacing the toner cartridge will fix the problem?

(I found this printer being tossed out at work; am trying to decide if replacing toner cartridge will fix the problem. I would spend the money to buy a toner cartridge, but not a drum unit.)


Re: Dark Pages on Brother by donald (6/23/05 12:45 PM) reply + / -
Replacing the cartridge will fix it 9 out of ten times. Just do me a favor and buy the tn460 and not the tn430. 460 has twice the yield and only costs a couple of dollars more. I have a 1240 and the drum light is always on, it can be rest, if you want the directions let me know your specific machine model.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by bigj (9/19/05 7:06 PM) reply + / -
The toner low light on my 1440 was on for several weeks with the original TN-430 cartridge, so I bought a TN-460 to have ready for the day it died. After a while the toner low light stopped coming on, but then I started getting the gray pages. I just put in the new TN-460 and it immediately cleared up the problem. This site rocks.

smudged dark pages by jman311 (12/12/05 10:51 AM) reply + / -
I replaced the toner and cleaned the inside of the printer but should I invest in the new drum?
My pages have streaks and smears of black ink running down them.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by xwin (8/27/06 2:29 PM) reply + / -
Just want to post another success story with the HL-1440. I had dirty pages and vertical black lines running down the page. Drum unit had clisght color changes where the lines appeared. I thought drum was bad but after reading this thread decided to replace toner cartridge and see what happens.

After replacing toner cartridge the output is perfect, like new. My old toner cartridge had lots of toner in it. I had experience with other laser printers that would print fine as long as they had toner. I guess brother is different. I don't print a lot and if this cartridge lasts me another few years I will be happy.

As people mentioned here, it is probably developer roller that is gone bad.


Re: Drum unit? by Lissa (9/13/06 12:58 AM) reply + / -
Hi, I wanted to find out if anyone else has this problem. For days, I had been having problems with my printer. Whenever I would command it to print say, pages 1 to 10, it would only always print just the first page, no matter what I do! And after a while it would print gibberish. A representative at Brother had me do a few tests, and she concluded that the drum was nearing the end of its life. So I purchased a drum off Ebay, because it was retailing for $186 or so, and I got it for around $33 on Ebay. I think the printer is printing just fine now, and I have brand new toner, but for some reason it still won't print anything beyond the first page. Is the drum still not functioning, or did I put it in wrong? Or should I just shoot myself now? I'm so frustrated because I'm a total imbecile when it comes to techy things...please, I'd appreciate your thoughts on this.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Ardy (9/17/06 10:54 AM) reply + / -
I have a strange problem. The first page I print after turning on the Brother HL1040 printer is great. Afterwards the pages have gray and black streaks from top to bottom. If I turn off the printer, wait a few minutes, and print out another page, it looks great. But subsequent pages have streaks. I tried cleaning every surface area on the removable drum, cleaning the scan window, and installing new toner cartridges but the problem persists. What else can I try?

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by moe (9/17/06 11:53 AM) reply + / -
Replace the expensive drum unit. If it were me, I'd dump the Brother and buy a new HP.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by BenziT (10/20/06 2:18 AM) reply + / -
My dark pages only happens on the maunal feed. The auto feeder prints comes out ok.

Please help

Many thanks

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by pcrmike (10/25/06 8:19 AM) reply + / -
Lissa, try reinstalling the driver. Are there any lights on the display?

Ardy, the corona wire needs cleaning. Depending on the model, you will see a little sky-blue tab on teh drum unit close to one end or the other. It will be mounted above a "slot" thru which you can see the dark green of the drum. Slide it back and forth several times. If this does not work, you may have a worn drum blade. This would require a drum unit, which would also mean big bucks or buy a Samsung. :-) PCRMike

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by BenziT (10/26/06 2:56 AM) reply + / -

Managed to remanufacture my toner and Drums.

No more grey background prints !


Re: Dark and Light lines or missing lines by Anonymous (2/28/07 5:58 PM) reply + / -
Just today I fixed HL1440 for my friend. He had almost 2" wide light stripe, like 80% transparent print almost in the middle of the sheet.
Seperated toner cartridge from the assembly, blew it out with air hose (the drum assembly?) some loose toner came out.

Printing like new after that. That was for missing/light lines.

Re: Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Anonymous (5/15/07 6:38 PM) reply + / -
I have a printer,it's brother laser printer, and no one here on guam can fix it. model # TN 560 seral #U5683LIJ99283 can anyone out their pls help me solve this problem? I turned it on but the data lite is not on.

thank you,
from Guam

Re: Re: Re: Dark Pages on Brother by moe (5/15/07 8:44 PM) reply + / -
TN 560 is the number of the toner cartridge. Doesn't do us any good.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by ron1406 (5/30/07 4:23 AM) reply + / -

And I have a Brother HL-1470N and this printer , over a two years old is always printing too light. Toner save mode is off and I replaced toner AND drum but the quality of the print is still light. I even cleaned the laser mirrors and glasses in between. Did someone else have this problem? Is there somewhere some sort of adjustment for this?
Oh yes , and about the grey prints what I read here now , I worked 20 years ago in the copier world and the toner transfer from the developer to the drum isn't only electrostatically. There is still magnetism involved. 20 years ago , the toner was mixed with very tiny iron particles. And when the developer with the toner starts to get old , the toner becomes permanent magnetic and the strenght to the developer starts to fade. Result is that too many toner is pushed to the drum and we see that as grey prints. Hope this helps....


Re: Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Anonymous (6/2/07 12:17 PM) reply + / -
I have had an HL 1440 for years its a work horse, ordered replacement toner received TN 460, printed grey backgroung or dirty pages(you pick). read all your remarks on this issue, had a tn 430 toner replacement on hand, figured worst case I have an open toner for later use. Replaced the TN 460 with the TN 430 and back to like new... all pages printing clear, problem solved... Don't know if the TN 460 is incompatible with the HL1440 or I just got a bad Toner cartridge. Either way its TN 430 from now on....

Thanks to all for your input and insight....


Re: Re: Dark Pages on Brother by blaze (9/27/08 10:09 AM) reply + / -
Whenever my brother mfc 6800 prints or copies more than about 10 pages, it starts adding more and more toner to the page to the point where you can smell it. Let it sit for a bit and it goes back to normal. Any ideas what causes this? Thanks!

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by ABC OFFICE SYSTEMS (8/3/09 12:45 PM) reply + / -
Toner and they High voltage power supply.

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by Pirhana (1/23/10 4:26 PM) reply + / -
My brother 6800 will print dark after 3 or 4 pages. I put a new catridge in & it still prints dark. I have had the printer for a while is there a way to clean it or adjust the settings?

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by graemev2 (10/19/12 10:58 AM) reply + / -
Well blow me down. Why didn't I find this earlier....

I got grey pages. I already owned a new cartridge ...but the low toner light had not come on, so:

1: I bought special path cleaning paper ... it got very grey, print did not improve

2: I bought a new drum ... again , nothing improved.

Finally after reading this , I installed the cartridge I had all along ... and perfectly white backgrounds .... gurrr

This is an HL-1440 dating from 2002-4 (around then)

Re:Light and dark bands Brother by LKae (12/2/13 11:25 AM) reply + / -
We get alternating normal and light print going down the page on our Brother HL-5240 laser printer. This happened after I took the cartridge out and cleaned off the excess toner that was making blotches on the upper corner of the paper. I moved the slider to clean the wire a few times and also shook the cartridge back and forth a few times. I have waited several days to see if light exposure had caused drum problems. Should I buy a new printer or take a chance that replacing the drum or the toner will work?

Re: Dark Pages on Brother by graemev2 (12/2/13 3:35 PM) reply + / -
Re: Re:Light and dark bands Brother by Anonymous (12/2/2013 3:33 PM) reply + / -
well it's been over a year and it's still printing clean. quite a surprise that a low toner could have done this. Perhaps you could find somebody who has the same toner ( so you could try it?)

Re: Re: Dark Pages on Brother by jimmymac1925 (2/13/15 9:49 AM) reply + / -
Thank you Spin2. I just changed the drum unit assembly with an OEM because the drum light has been flashing and print was shaded with gray background. Also, troubleshooting info suggested the same fix. Installed it with no change in results. I never thought about the toner cartridge (cartridge world refill)because it's been changed recently and not used much. After reading your post (Nov. 2003) I changed out the toner with another cartridge world toner and this fixed the problem. I always like to let someone know when their information has helped. Thanks..... Brother HL-2170W

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