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HP LaserJet 2300

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HP LaserJet 2300 by Dan Boland (10/2/03 1:17 PM) reply + / -
Our HP 2300dn is so annoying!! We use it as a network B&W printer serving roughly 15-20 people. If you don't define which tray you want to print to, it will pull from whichever tray it feels like (the manual tray or the built-in tray). Sometimes it will duplex for no apparent reason. It's really pissing a lot of people off in my office! We are on a Mac network (mostly OS 9, a couple of OS X-ers). Has anyone else dealt with this?

Re: HP LaserJet 2300 by sbaker_3 (9/1/06 12:50 PM) reply + / -
My HP 2300n says "Load tray 1 labels letter". I guess a sensor is screwed up or something. This printer is used by high school kids and they must've messed it up. If I open the front door, it says "Load tray 2 labels letter". Any suggestions? got any service manuals for this beast?

Re: HP LaserJet 2300 by dmzcompute (9/1/06 3:00 PM) reply+1 + / -
It is not a printer issue. It is a driver issue. The job is calling for labels. Check the properties under the driver to see what type paper the job is asking for.

Re: HP LaserJet 2300 by Jason Brewer (8/6/07 2:26 PM) reply + / -
I installed July 2007 version of the driver on two computers with this printer after experiencing this and similar issues. The area to be concerned with is as follows:
Printer properties > "General" tab > "Printing Preferences" button > "Printing Shortcuts" tab.

The first thing to be aware of is that whichever "Printing shortcuts" profile is highlighted when this window is closed becomes the default. If the "Paper type" for that profile/shortcut is set to "Labels," that's what the printer will try to do first.

I recommend just adjusting the "General Everyday Printing" profile to "Tray 2"/"Letter"/"Unspecified"/"Portrait"/"None."

Re: HP LaserJet 2300 by osubuc (6/25/10 4:47 AM) reply + / -
When I open an e-mail and select print and check printer properties, it shows "Everyday Printing" using "Automatically Select" as the "Paper Source". When I try to change to "Tray 2", it requires me to save as. If I do that, the next e-mail I attempt to print goes right back to "Automatically Select" as the "Paper Source". How can I get the printer to automatically print from tray 2 for e-mails and documents?

Re: HP LaserJet 2300 by dmzcompute (6/25/10 7:14 PM) reply + / -
You need to go to the properties of the printer by right clicking on the printer icon, scroll down to properties and left click. Now go to printing preferecnes and make the change to tray 2 and apply the settings and it will always come up with it.

HP LaserJet 2300, Two Computers by JCS47 (8/12/11 5:14 PM) reply + / -
Wanting to use one Laserjet 2300 parallel port to one desktop computer and another laptop computer to the USB port. Will it work? Only want to print from one at a time.

Re: HP LaserJet 2300 by moe (8/12/11 6:54 PM) reply + / -

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