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Printer epson stylus R220

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Printer epson stylus R220 by Mrs Eileen Taylor (8/2/12 3:28 AM) reply + / -
Hi I have an epson stylus photo R220 Printer the printer is printing paper etc ok but the cd/dvd part is not working. As I align the tray up and try to print it comes up with the message cd tray jammed. I have re aligned numerous times and it still doesn't work. When it stopped I had already printed 3 dvd's and then suddenly couldn't do anymore. Hope you can help.

Re: Printer epson stylus R220 by abbeyangel (8/9/12 3:58 AM) reply + / -
Remove the cartridge and clean it. Check whether there is not paper jamming in your printer. Set the printer options on printer and your computer.

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