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Disassemble by lovemypixma (9/26/11 5:04 PM) reply + / -
Hi, this is my first post to this forum. I joined because the forum is "fixyourprinter" Well, I would love to fix my printer if only I could get the thing apart. I have a 6 year old Canon IP8500 which I love. But I just started getting the "waste ink absorber almost full" message. I have seen post on this forum where people talk about removing and cleaning the absorbers and then issuing the reset code. However, I can not seem to see how you get it open to do the work. I see reference to a "service manual" and one site allowed me to see the first page with paying. However, it listed the contents of the document on the pdf's left pane, and I don't see any listing for disassembly. So it seems just a waste of money purchasing the manual. Any advice about how you start opening this thing would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Disassemble by trigger1937 (10/13/11 8:45 PM) reply + / -
lovemypixma,... I'm glad you didn't by the Service Manual as it contains nothing, not one picture that will help you to disassemble your printer. If you really want help and information on how to fix and maintain your printer in top condition for a very long time,..then clip on my USER ID and send me an email. In your note tell me more about your printer and problems and I will respond.

Re: Disassemble by lovemypixma (10/14/11 8:22 AM) reply + / -
Thank you for your response.

The Waste Ink Absorber of my 6 year okd Pixma IP8500 is nearly full. I understand from other posts that it is possible to clean the absorbers and send a reset code. The only problem is I have not been able to open the printer. I have a fear of snapping the plastic and breaking the thing.

So, how does one open this printer up to get access to the insides?

Thanks again

Re: Disassemble by trigger1937 (10/14/11 8:44 AM) reply + / -
lovemypixma,... you must not have read my post just above your last post. Since you didn't follow the simple instructions, I will do it for you and send you an email. Once I get a reply from that I will be able to send you the information you need.

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