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Hp Pro K5400: bypass cartridge expiration date

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Hp Pro K5400: bypass cartridge expiration date by sphinxgr (5/18/11 6:03 AM) reply + / -
I searched all over the internet and i didn't find a complete solution for this model when we have the error regarding the cartridge expiration date that make's our printer not to work.

The solution in other HP models is to remove the battery. I opened with a lot of difficulty the printer but i didnąt found a battery in order to remove it and reset the internal clock. If there is any, it should be behind the inks in the left side. I searched in the right into the circuit but i didnąt find anything.

Other solution is to change the time in windows and restart the computer. This fixes the problem, but also you cant have all the time the windows time changed years ago.

The other way is to hack the drivers. I searched all over the drivers and i found i have to change hpj3r589.dll which is C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\hpofficejet_pro_k5404d7a

I then opened the file hpz3r589.dll with a hex editor (xvi32) find @PJL SET TIMESTAMP

And replace it with this, misspelled with X at end:


Make no other changes. Save it, turn off printer, restart.

Hope this saves you time and money ;) I spent 5 hours for all this :) But now i feel very proud :)

Re: Hp Pro K5400: bypass cartridge expiration date by mikegarey (7/2/11 4:06 AM) reply + / -
Need one razor blade and cart(s) that is(are) empty but not expired

Here is what I do:

Hold the expired cart in your hand with the bottom facing up and using the razor blade slice through the label on both sides using the join line where the bottom adapter is attached to the cart as a guide. Then pull the bottom adapter off. If you sliced correctly it should separate easily.

Now do the same to an empty but not expired cart.

Then take bottom adapter from the empty/not expired cart and push it onto the out of date cart. You can use some clear tape to secure but I never do.

Insert the cart into your K5400 and it should work.

How do you know if a cart is not expired? The only way I know is to see if the bottom adapter works when moved from an empty cart.

Hope this helps.


Re: Hp Pro K5400: bypass cartridge expiration date by NKris (12/10/11 4:56 AM) reply + / -
Do you know which driver you need to adjust with windows 7 X64

Re: Hp Pro K5400: bypass cartridge expiration date by Akorm (11/15/13 3:46 AM) reply + / -
Thank You
Thank You Thank You
Thank You
Thank You
Thank You Thank You

This is great!

For Windows 7 X64 you must do the same with the


Re: Hp Pro K5400: bypass cartridge expiration date by Richarddgjames (3/23/14 5:30 AM) reply + / -
Many thanks to sphinxgr and Akorm, stars both of you.
NB don't forget to run the hex editor as administrator or it wont be able to save the amended file

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