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Epson R220 2 red lights flashing, not waste ink

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Epson R220 2 red lights flashing, not waste ink by Brxtn (1/4/11 8:01 AM) reply + / -
I have a little-used R220. It was printing well but suddenly the 2 red lights started flashing and I can't print. I use MIS inks and resetter. I tried the SSC but the counter said only 8478 and max is 46750. I reset it anyhow just to see. It reset the counter but it didn't stop the lights flashing. Checked for any "foreign objects" inside, bits of paper, etc. When I turn on it goes through a normal cycle, head moves back & forth, all normal start up stuff, then just when you would expect it to park ready for action it stops in the ink replacement position with 2 lights flashing together. Had the covers off looking for anything suspicious but didn't see anything. What else does the red light flashing signal besides waste ink?

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